Case study

NRL legends lead State of Origin campaign for Deliveroo

The Brief

Secure two NRL State of Origin stars - one from NSW and one from Queensland - to launch the new ‘Steak of Origin’ campaign in partnership with Hog's Breath Cafe.

As the State of Origin series fired up, Deliveroo and Hog’s Breath Cafe fired up the grills as part of a new campaign titled Steak of Origin.

Aiming to align their brands to the excitement of State of Origin 2019, they secured NRL legends Paul Gallen and Jharal Yow Yeh to lead the campaign.

The stars jumped into the kitchen, developing their own State sauces as part of the promotion.

When ordering a Hog’s Breath steak from Deliveroo, Origin fans had the opportunity to choose their topping, with Yow Yeh’s Wing Topper for Maroon fans and Gallen’s blue Prop-er Topper for NSW diehards.

NRL legends lead State of Origin campaign for Deliveroo


    Deliveroo reached out to PickStar to help them find the right NRL stars for their campaign. Deliveroo provided PickStar staff with a brief outlining what would be required from the athletes, including in-person appearances, social media posts, and media opportunities across a one-week period.

    Pickstar then pitched the opportunity to a number of sports stars on their database, ultimately securing Gallen and Yow Yeh to be the faces of Steak of Origin.

    • NRL legends lead State of Origin campaign for Deliveroo
    • Paul Gallens Prop er Topper


    The Steak of Origin campaign launched in time for the epic second game between Queensland and NSW and was a huge success for Deliveroo and Hog’s Breath Cafe, driven both sales and brand awareness.

    The campaign gained the attention of some of Australia’s largest media outlets, with stories published in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Brisbane Times.

    Along with exposure across traditional media platforms, the stars also shared posts about Steak of Origin with their more than 150,000 social media followers.

    The athletes also surprised two lucky customers, personally delivering steaks to a Blues and a Maroons fan during the game.

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