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Pickstar gives you the macro-influencer advantage. Partner your brand with over 3000 trusted Sport Stars, Media & Entertainment Personalities and Celebrities. Build truly authentic, authoritative, and memorable client experiences, with broad visibility and reach.

How Pickstar can help you.

Pickstar supports businesses of all sizes and at any stage of your journey. We'll dive deep into ways we can help you promote and scale your brand through advertising and marketing services, showing you the power of our ambassadors, sports stars, media, entertainment and celebrity influencers.

Mac Kenzie Social Media Campaign

Social Media Posts by Stars

Move quickly with a brand endorsement on social media in as little as 7 days.

Pickstar helps hundreds of brands and marketing agencies to leverage the social reach and influence of sports stars, media personalities, and celebrities through their social media channels across Meta (Instagram & Facebook), YouTube, TikTok and more


Branded Content

Leverage Stars in your campaigns and content.

Go beyond a short term social media macro-influencer style of campaign and feature stars in your own marketing campaigns and content for as long as they run.

Kyle Chalmers Athletikan

Brand Ambassadors

A strategic long term partnership for maximum impact.

Instantly enhance your brand's trust, credibility and recall with a well known face who can tell your brand story. Ambassadorships are the gold standard for marketers and brands looking to implement star power across the entire marketing and customer journey.

Updated Partnerships Support Panel

Pickstar Studio Creative

Celebrity Marketing Strategy & Creative Services

Securing a Star is only one part of the equation. Pickstar offers a range of services when it comes to celebrity advertising and marketing when you don't have the resources, marketing or agency experience. We're here to help across storyboarding, content shoots and even media planning.

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