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Instantly buy pre-made and pre-priced packages from your favourite Australian stars or create a custom request to put out to talent to apply. The power is in your hands!

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Stars or Celebrities join you virtually for meetings, workshops or events for a fixed price.
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Put your request in front of specific Stars by shortlisting them
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Fast responses au

Fast responses

Submit your request directly to stars and get responses super-fast, taking the hassle out of booking a star.
Meaningful solutions

Meaningful connections

Search by attributes and interests so you can find the perfect star; every time.
No obligations

No obligation

Put custom requests out to thousands of stars to apply to, and only pay for the stars you book.
Communicate directly

Direct communication

Book stars on the Pickstar platform and then chat directly with them to finalise details - no more middle man.

Any brief, any budget - our stars can do it all

Whether you want a star passionate about mental health, animals or cars, Pickstar’s platform allows you to find exactly what you need for your next event, guest speaker, marketing campaign or a brand ambassador that aligns to your brand values.

  • Guest speakers

    Make your event extra special with an experienced & inspirational sports star. Book a star or personality and turn your occasion into a memorable one.

  • Leadership speakers

    Develop great leaders within your school, company or community with the help of Australia's leading elite athletes, coaches and sporting professionals from Pickstar's revolutionary platform.

  • Brand ambassadors

    If you're a brand or sponsor looking for a unique marketing approach, identify the best Australian sports talent for your next inspiring campaign with Pickstar.

  • Keynote

    Get matched with the perfect keynote speaker for your event with Pickstar. Inspirational Australian sports personalities across business, mental health, resilience & more.

  • Social influencers

    Reach a new audience or enhance the engagement your existing market with a high profile Australian sports star. Sports influencers are specialists in social media marketing in a competitive field.

  • Mental health advocates

    Smash stigmas and break mental health barriers with the raw, personal, inspirational mental health stories and winning tactics at your next event with the help of an inspirational sports star, celebrity or expert guest speaker. Mental health advocates and ambassadors are available to book in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide - anywhere in Australia; and you can even book a star from the UK virtually.

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