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The best brand ambassadors in Australia

Capture your customer’s attention and wallet with a brand ambassador from Pickstar

At all times, your customers are exposed to competing messages demanding their attention — with a strategically chosen brand ambassador, you can cut through the noise with a personality they want to hear from. Leveraging their platform, you can borrow the social capital they have garnered and market your product or service through a channel they trust and actively follow. To give your business an edge, Pickstar has the most extensive and diverse catalogue of brand ambassadors in Australia — explore our roster today to connect with your target customer.

Optimise your marketing campaigns with a strategic brand ambassador

The general public has become trained to avoid traditional advertising, which makes any marketer’s job that much harder — but it doesn’t have to be. Utilising a brand ambassador, you can access your clientele directly where they are and want to be, whether it’s a ticketed event they are vying for access to or within their homes through their devices and social media channels.

Using personalities your customers recognise and trust, a brand ambassador is the biggest fan your business can ever hope for. Sharing their positive opinion and experience with your product will motivate their followers to share the same benefits your products provide. Whether you’re looking for instant sales and brand awareness or a lead generation tool to spark repeat business, a well-positioned marketing push will pay dividends.

Instituting a brand ambassador campaign offers you more freedom to create a versatile, integrated push to build awareness, increase sales and, with the right strategic investment, grab market shares. With the best directory of Australian brand ambassadors, you can instantly command eyes on your message and lead your customers to your call to action, whatever it may be.

Discover our brand ambassadors in Australia who resonate with your customers

Looking to position your business as an aspirational label? Do you need to increase your profile to show how your product can improve their lifestyle? Pickstar offers a massive catalogue of brand ambassadors in Australia representing consumer groups across all interests and demographics. From headlining names with macro followings to micro influences with high levels of engagement, Pickstar allows you to choose between thousands of diverse public figures to represent your product and business.

From business magnates and entrepreneurs to politicians, celebrities and professional athletes, you can link your product with the vast followings our roster of stars can command. Whether you want to lend your business a reality TV figure, actor or musician, inspire change with a doctor or health advocate or excite your customers with a medal-winning Olympian, we have an ever-changing roster of talent to keep your marketing fresh and new. Book a brand ambassador in AU that ticks all the boxes and keeps your business at the top of your customer’s minds.

Capitalise on your brand ambassador and fuel an energised marketing campaign

If your traditional advertising fails to land and acquire the engagement you’re looking for — when you hire a brand ambassador in Australia through Pickstar, you can modernise how your customers perceive your brand. With new vigour making you look and feel unique to your customers and the decision-makers in households, you can establish yourself as the leading brand of choice.

For an innovative marketing push that opens more doors, our stars and personalities can be integrated into your campaigns in several ways:

  • Attending private and public events

  • Product launches

  • Meet and greets

  • Photos with event attendees

  • Filming and sharing social media posts

  • Emcee your events

  • Appear in marketing collateral

  • Whitelisting social media advertisements

  • And so much more

Utilising media and sales tracking, you can observe the channels your customers are reaching you to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and measure your return on investment. With measurable results, unlike other forms of advertising, brand ambassador campaigns allow you to gauge the success of your activation.

Looking to encourage a strong relationship between your business and consumers? Pickstar connects brands and agencies to the best brand ambassadors across Australia. With an expansive roster of personalities, finding a brand ambassador with Pickstar is fast and easy. Submit a brief and budget to generate a shortlist of stars who want to work with you. With a dynamic and responsive platform, you can negotiate directly with your desired talent and their teams to get a quick response and make your planning as easy as possible.

Bring your audience to your shopfront with the best brand ambassadors in the AU

Brand ambassadors build trust with your brand, create ongoing content, add a respected voice to your message and are typically longer-term partnerships. Sign up today and open your doors to figures you can’t normally access. Book a brand ambassador through Pickstar and collaborate with sports stars, celebrities, media personalities, chefs, musicians, authors, business leaders and more.

We can also help you source guest speakers, motivational speakers, keynote speakers, influencers and MCs.

Explore our roster of public figures and book one that best represents your brand to take your marketing to another level and stand out from the crowd. For more information, we invite you to review our FAQs, or for help sourcing a particular public figure, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.