Brand Ambassadors

Being able to trust brands matters to consumers now more than ever
  • Seeking trust


    For 81% of consumers, trust is a deciding factor in their buying decision ◊

  • Ad-Blocking


    3 in 4 consumers now avoid advertising through ad-blocking, changed habits, or ad-free mediums ◊

  • People over brands


    of consumers trust ambassadors more than brands ◊

◊ The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: In Brands We Trust

A well aligned, long term ambassador gives brands credibility and trust from a ready-made fan-base. Pickstar can bring your idea of a brand ambassadorship to life.
  • Range of Stars and Budgets

    2000+ stars available online, plus more through the Pickstar network. Our stars work across all budgets. Enter your idea and budget and stars will apply if it works for them.

  • Finding the best fit

    Our advanced filters allow you to search stars by industry, social following and topics of interest to the stars, giving you the best fit sports star or celebrity

  • Creating a shortlist

    The Pickstar platform can pitch your idea to the whole marketplace of stars, allowing you to create a shortlist of interested stars (at no cost!).

  • Quick turnaround

    Our platform notifies brand ambassadors instantly meaning brands are able to get responses in hours, especially helpful when there is a tight deadline.

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Tech Giant Huawei teams up with Sally Pearson for Product Launch

Huawei, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, launches a new range of watches with Olympian, Sally Pearson.

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Luxury Car Maker Secures Rugby Star for Product Launch

South Korean luxury car manufacturer Genesis Motors opens in Australia with a bang, using a sports identity to bring star power to their product launch.

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Pickstar has thousands of brand & product ambassadors waiting to connect

Pickstar connects brands and agencies to the best brand ambassadors across Australia and the UK.

Finding a brand ambassador with Pickstar is fast and easy. Submit a brief and budget, then send to select Stars or the whole marketplace. You can then choose from a shortlist of Stars who want to work with you.

Brand ambassadors build trust with your brand, create ongoing content, add a respected voice to your message and are typically longer term partnerships. Pickstar's brand ambassadors include sports stars, celebrities, media personalities, chefs, musicians, authors, business leaders and more.

Along with brand ambassadors across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and across Australia, Pickstar can connect brands with influencers to leverage engaged and passionate social followings.

You can also search for guest speakers, motivational speakers, keynote speakers, influencers and MCs.