Case study

Pickstar helps city break a world record for World Mental Health Day

It's not every day you have the chance to break a Guinness World Record, let alone do it alongside a sporting icon. Bunnings made this possible for 2,498 people in Townsville, Australia, when they used Pickstar to book NRL star John Asiata to help break a world record for World Mental Health Day.

The Brief

Talent to address the audience, guest speak on their experiences with mental health and participate in meet and greet opportunities.

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    To raise awareness of World Mental Health Day and help fight stigma, Mental Health Australia and partners Bunnings Warehouse devised an ambitious plan to break the Guinness World Record for the most people wearing high-visibility vests at a single venue.

    With the previous record set at 2,136, Bunnings Fairfield Waters knew they needed a little extra help attracting participants to the event, so they jumped on to Pickstar and browsed the 1700-plus sports stars available for events and other opportunities.

    Elite athletes make make perfect mental health advocates, with most overcoming serious hurdles in their careers and many battling mental health challenges of their own.

    NRL star John Asiata loved the idea and the opportunity to raise awareness around mental health, and accepted the request.

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    On 10 October, 2019, Townsville officially went down in the history books as the new world record holder for the largest number of people wearing high-visibility vests in a single location.

    At 4pm, a whopping 2,499 fluro people (including John) united in the Bunnings Fairfield Waters carpark for the challenge. John donned the vibrant yellow vest and thanked everybody for participating, before giving a speech on his own mental health story and experiences, emphasising that "it's not weak to speak". John then mingled with attendees and was more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs.

    John also contributed to the widespread marketing of the event in the lead-up by participating in social media campaigns and posting on his own Instagram account.

    The event was also supported by radio and other media, including local masthead, the Townsville Bulletin which published stories before and after the incredible achievement.

    Both Mental Health Australia and Bunnings Fairfield Waters, alongside other partners, were thrilled with the efforts of John and the Townsville community in helping turn their goal into a reality.

    No matter how big or far-fetched your idea might seem, Pickstar can help make it happen.

    Our list of 1700-plus sports stars has been booked for all kinds of events, campaigns, and opportunities.

    All you need to do is shortlist your preferred athletes, set a budget and tell us your idea. We'll take care of the rest!

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