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Hailing from Perth, Olivia Vivian began gymnastics at the age of 8. Olivia had an extensive career in the sport, having competed in a number of competitions including a collegiate career while studying at Oregon State University and winning medals in international competition in the Uneven Bars.

Since retiring, Olivia has become a fan favourite on Australian Ninja Warrior, proving her ability as a professional gymnast and using her skills to propel her TV career. 

Olivia Vivian has also opened her own cafe in Mossman Park, WA, called ‘The Leaky Tap’, honouring her father who worked as a plumber, whilst simultaneously joining Celebrity Apprentice for the 2021 season and remaining a contestant on Ninja Warrior. In 2020, Olivia was vocal on her experience competing and the ‘toxic’ culture of competitive gymnastics. 

Olivia’s Challenges as a Gymnast and Accomplishments 

Born with a congenital defect to her diaphragm, she was told she may never be able to play or compete in sports as she would likely have a shorter exercise capacity. At age nine she was told she’d be too tall to make it as a professional gymnast.

Despite the odds, Olivia was determined to establish a career as a professional gymnast, and by 2005 was competing in the World Championships, finishing 13th for Uneven Bars. In 2006, she competed again and placed 12th for Uneven Bars, finishing sixth overall for the team. 

In 2008, Olivia competed in the Olympics, representing Australia as she competed in Uneven Bars. 

At the age of 25, Olivia was the oldest gymnast to have competed for Australia, earning the nickname ‘grandma’ from her teammates.  

Olivia’s Return to Competing for Australia 

After the Olympics, Olivia travelled to the United States to study, whilst also competing and training at Oregon State University. 

During her time in America, Olivia regained her love and passion for gymnastics after a setback due to injury, however, Olivia was determined to remain resilient. Known for her drive and diligence, Olivia has said that even when her bones give out to the sport, she won’t give up. Having faced a tough recovery, Olivia’s love for gymnastics was stronger than ever, and she eventually returned to competing internationally in the World Challenger Cup in 2014. Olivia placed third on Uneven Bars at the Korean Cup, and proceeded to place third in the national championships. 

Also in 2014, Olivia Vivian represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games, winning silver before competing in the World Championships in China. 

After Gymnastics 

In October 2016, Olivia retired from gymnastics and was selected to join the Cirque Du Soleil, which had been a dream of Olivia’s since she was a child after going backstage at a performance in Perth. 

In 2017, Olivia joined Australian Ninja Warrior for their first season, returning again for season two in 2018. Ninja Warrior channelled Olivia to unlock her full potential, using the experience as a tool to change her outlook on life - believing that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Olivia’s Achievements on Ninja Warrior

Olivia for many seasons was the only female Ninja Warrior to make it to the Grand Final. Olivia’s Ninja Warrior journey continued, as she competed internationally on American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World in 2019, setting another record as the only woman to make it to the Grand Final two years in a row! In the second season of American Ninja Warrior: USA vs The World, she competed for Team Australia again, winning gold. She was one of 2 females to achieve Grand Final in 2022 and was the furthest achiever.  

Inspiring Young Girls 

Olivia has mentioned that although joining Ninja Warrior was initially meant for fun, it provided a sense of purpose and pushed her to inspire other women and young girls to believe in themselves and strive to achieve their aspirations. Olivia encourages women to feel confident that if they put in the hard work and remain persistent, their abilities are limitless.

In 2020, Olivia was one of many former Australian gymnasts who spoke out on social media against the high pressure environment of competitive gymnastics after the release of Netflix’s Athlete A documentary.

Olivia mentioned the often extreme and unrealistic expectations put on her as a young gymnast and how it has shaped her personally. WIth hopes that the culture evolves to be a healthier and more supportive environment, Olivia is passionate about inspiring young women and gymnasts to not let the disruptive criticism hinder their progression in the sport or cloud their aspirations of becoming a professional gymnast. 

Career Highlights

  • 2023 Guinness Book of Records holder
  • 2023 Dubai Gov Games - Bronze winners all female team
  • 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Top Female competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior
  • Only female to make it to the grand final of Australian Ninja Warrior
  • 2021 - Appearing in Celebrity Apprentice & Australian Ninja Warrior
  • 2019 Ninja OCR World Champion
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Silver medal at 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • 2011 Pac 10 Champions in NCAA Gymnastics and All-American status
  • 7 times National Champion on the un-even bars
  • 2023 2 x Guinness Book of Records
  • 2023 Dubai Gov Games Bronze

Interesting Facts

  • Born with Diaphragmichernia - survived an immediate operation at birth that only 1 in three children survive
  • She competes (and often podiums) in competitive field of both Men and Women in Ninja Warrior
  • As a child was told she would be too tall to be successful
  • Specialty in the Un-even bars
  • At 25, she's the oldest competing female gymnast that Australia has had
  • Single handedly set up a café named 'The Leaky Tap' in honour of her deceased father Craig


  • Influencer & Brand Ambassador
  • Extremely versatile presenter that can relate and focus her talks and tasks to ANY age group
  • Impressive abilities to entertain, motivate, relate, inspire and educate
  • Numerous school visits and talks to students
  • Business and cooperate meetings and discussions
  • Keynote Motivational speeches
  • Entertainment talks
  • TV commercials 
  • Charity and fundraiser work
  • Health promotion, for example with 2 Fruit & 5 Veg

Book Olivia Vivian 

With a love for competition, sports and a passion for inspiring young women, Olivia Vivian is an ideal brand ambassador for sports and health brands. Olivia is also a popular choice as a guest speaker at events targeted towards young women or female athletes, where she can channel her enthusiasm for motivating women like herself. Having attracted a larger following as a result of her success on Ninja Warrior, Olivia has become a familiar face on TV and across Australia, making her a profitable figure for Australian brands. Olivia Vivian can be booked for brand ambassadorships as well as video messages!

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Olivia Vivian who attended our event was incredible and added a flare that we have yet to see at a Swimming event. You should be incredibly proud of Olivia as she is an outstanding asset to your business. Olivia went above and beyond with her roles. She was asked to speak and engage with the crowd which she did incredibly well.
Swimming WA
Olivia is so amazing and everyone was had fantastic feedback about what a lovely person she is! Thanks to Pickstar for connecting us.
Wendy Murphy - City Of Mandurah WA