Top 5 motivational speakers in Brisbane

Whether it's a workforce, school, club, or association, people could always use an extra bit of motivation and a perfect guest speaker could be the key to igniting this motivation.

That is why here at PickStar we have put together a top 5 list of motivational speakers available for booking in Brisbane!

Pickstar's Top 5

Caroline Buchanan

Dominant multi-sport athlete Caroline Buchanan hit both the lowest of lows and highest of highs. Having accrued eight World Championships and twenty Australian Championships between the sports of BMX, 4cross Mountain Biking, Dual Slalom & Pump Track, and Downhill Mountain Biking, Caroline is certainly at home on two wheels.

Even though Caroline has been a dominant force in both disciplines she has seen hardships at different stages of her life. At a young age, Caroline and her family were forced to flee their home as it was ravaged by the 2003 Canberra Bushfires. This hardship forced Caroline to dedicate herself to sport, a choice that motivates her to this day. But the hardships didn't stop there, at the end of 2017 Caroline was involved in an off-road buggy accident that almost proved fatal. But during recovery, that same motivation that she drew on earlier in life pushed her to get back on the bike and once again become a dominant force across multiple disciplines. She has also become hot property in the business world, becoming an ambassador for Nutri-Grain.

Caroline has appeared in two different podcasts with PickStar, one about her sporting exploits and athlete marketing and another with PickStar co-founder Matthew Pavlich.

Caroline Buchanan

Duncan Armstrong

Widely regarded as one of the top moments in Australian Olympic history, Duncan Armstrong's heroic come-from-nowhere gold medal in the 200m freestyle at the Seoul 1998 Olympics will be remembered by anyone who was lucky enough to witness it.

A born and bred Queensland native, Duncan now tells the story of his amazing triumph to not only people in Brisbane but throughout the nation. The story is one of motivation and classic Australian grit and determination and is appropriate for all audiences.

Duncan Armstrong

Jacqui Bell

Ultra Marathon runner Jacqui Bell faced a crossroads in her life that pushed her closer towards the sport she loves so dearly. During a recovery from a range of sporting-related injuries, Jacqui became addicted to pain killers, which soon became an addiction that threatened to take over her life. In an effort to cleanse herself from this addiction, Jacqui relocated to Bali to become a yoga instructor where she was a victim of a violent robbery that left her hospitalised.

It was during this time in hospital that Jacqui committed herself to Ultra Marathon running. Since then, Jacqui became the youngest person in the world to compete in an Ultra Marathon in every continent. Jacqui is motivated to share her story to show that people can reach whatever heights they want no matter how far rock bottom they are.

You can view Jacqui Bell's edition of PickStar's Masters of Mindset Series here.

Jacqui Bell

Jason Cadee

Brisbane Bullets superstar Jason Cadee is one of Australian basketball's biggest names. However, what makes his rise to stardom even more impressive is the adversity Jason has had to fight through to get where he is today. In 2010 recently after signing his first professional contract with the NBL team Gold Coast Blaze, Jason was involved in a serious motorway accident that left him with a broken pelvis. This caused his NBL career to be put on hold, before fighting back to start his career in late 2010.

He has since then dominated the Australian basketball scene, not only in the NBL but also in Australia's national team, the Boomers. While representing his nation, Jason has won the 2017 FIBA ASIA CUP and the 2018 Commonwealth Games. His story is one of perseverance and motivation to reach where he has today after such a considerable setback.

Jason Cadee

Sally Pearson

Queensland native Sally Pearson is one of Australia's favourite and greatest ever track and field athletes. Just the 10th female Australian track athlete to win a gold medal after her triumph at the London 2012 Games, sally has established a long list of accomplishments over her long and fruitful career. These accomplishments include multiple World Championship golds and Commonwealth golds.

However, with her large amounts of success, Sally also saw difficult times in her career. These included injuries and form slumps that she had no choice but to fight back from. Her story is one of motivation and perseverance, and it was these qualities mixed with her incredible amounts of success that saw her be awarded the Order of Australia media in 2014.

Sally Pearson

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