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Jacqui Bell

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Ultra Runner, Desert Runner

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About me

  • Extreme Sports
  • Tennis
  • Ultra Running
  • Endurance Sports
  • Ultra Running
  • Desert Running

Talking points

Mental Health, Overcoming adversity, Finding your purpose, Shift in Perspective, Mindset. 

Show Reel

Race Highlights

The Youngest Person in the World to of run an Ultra Marathon on every continent in the world. 

  1. 250km’s Namib Desert Africa
  2. 250km’s Gobi Desert Mongolia
  3. 250km’s Atacama Desert Chile
  4. 250km’s Antarctica 
  5. 323km’s New Zealand
  6. 250km’s Iceland
  7. 273km’s Grand Canyon 

Jacqui was at a cross roads in her life and needed to make a massive change.

Jacqui set out to change her course and began running more and more. Jacqui decided running was going to be the change she needed. Through her remarkable turn around it has shows others what one is really capable of.

Over the past 2 years Jacqui has raised over $23,000 for the White Cloud Foundation Mental Health charity. 

Jacqui has presented at a number of corporates about her undertakings and how one can mentally and physically can make it through such extreme races. Jacqui also highlights the parallels between ultra running and everyday life and the lessons she has learn’t through the lows she has had to face in these extreme events. 

Speaking Engagements:

The Big Red Group Conference, Megaport, Ipswich Girls Grammar School, The Callie Hotel, Broncos Chairman’s Lounge. 

Featured on;

The Project, Sunrise, Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News, ABC Report.

30 minute documentary in Women’s Adventure Film Festival ‘Journey To All 7’. 



Jacqui Bell has a big story to tell, and the way she delivers it is both relatable and inspirational. Her achievements to date are remarkable and in seeking out a brand ambassador for Adrenaline.com.au she represented our values and purpose.

Naomi Simson

Co-Founder The Big Red Group

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  • Queensland

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