Caitlin Bassett: Top 5 Netball Stars Off the Court

Whether you’re a brand, not-for-profit, sports club, school or fan, partnering with an Aussie netballer could be the best move you make, writes Australian Diamonds netball captain Caitlin Bassett in an exclusive blog for Pickstar.

Netballers are known as great multi-taskers, and do you know why? Because we have to be!

Every one of my teammates has to juggle study or a part-time job (or both) along with their netball career, because the reality is it is what you have to do to survive, even if you’re playing at the elite level.

As our sport continues to grow and attract more media attention and money, the push to be full time paid professional athletes is a dangling carrot. People often comment that netballers are down to earth and the truth is that working to afford to play the sport you love quickly weeds out those who aren’t passionate.

We don’t get the six figure contracts that allow us the flash cars or giant egos of some of the male sporting codes, we work hard to keep our heads above water.

Motivation to grow the game for the future is what we are driven by and I love going down to any local netball courts knowing that we are shaping the sport for young girls.

So why would a brand or organisation choose to align themselves with a netballer?

Our humble hard working attitude is ingrained from the women who came before us, who encouraged us to work or study and play at the highest level. We are adaptable and unflappable, friendly and genuine.

For these reasons (and many more) here are just five netballers I would recommend working with.

Liz Watson

Possibly one of the hardest workers on court, Liz is friendly and easy going off the court. Her fitness and strength is ridiculous, and it is no surprise that sport and fitness brands clamour to use her. Liz leads by example and her kind, genuine nature means she is a flexible ambassador for a variety of brands. Book now on PickStar.

Jo Weston

If you want to work with someone a little different, Jo is your girl. Quirky and funny, this Melbourne based netballer thinks outside the box. If you want to have a conversation about politics, global warming, economics or fashion, Jo can match you. She is intelligent, eloquent and articulate with a great sense of humour. Business luncheons and functions are her forte. Book now on PickStar.

Maddy McAuliffe

One of my Sunshine Coast Lightning teammates, Madi is one of the smartest people I know. She juggles her netball with a Law degree at University and also works part time in a compliance and finance role. Mature beyond her years, Mads is amazing with kids and her easy going and fun nature makes her an excellent coach. Book now on Pickstar.

Gretel Tippett

Caitlin Bassett Top5

An absolute superstar on the court, Gretel has a unique story in that she transitioned from elite basketball straight into the Australian Diamonds. She comes from a family of elite athletes with both her brothers, Kurt and Joel, playing AFL. Off the court, Grets is humble and has the biggest heart. She is studying Nutrition and Dietetics at university and has a passion for coaching and teaching young girls about healthy eating. Book now on Pickstar.

Sharni Layton

Saving the best til last, Sharni has built a name both on and off the court for her passion and genuine nature. With Sharns you get the real deal – loud, unapologetically herself, friendly and fun loving - this girl is my favourite room mate for all these reasons plus more! Her love of meditation and yoga is in stark contrast at times to her larger than life personality and she is the life of the party at any event. Sharni has the amazing ability to be able to make friends whereever she goes and her loud booming laugh is infectious. Sharni’s passion and personality shines through at whatever she is doing, speaking, coaching or on social media. Book now Pickstar.

So whether you’re a brand, not-for-profit, sports club, school or fan, partnering with an Aussie netballer could be the best move you make!


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