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Eric Bailey isn't just a speaker; he's a catalyst of transformation. With a dynamic presence that commands attention and a story that resonates across continents, Eric is a powerhouse of motivation. From the professional basketball court to the international stage, Eric's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His evolution from athlete to motivational speaker mirrors the ascent of a true champion.

Why Choose Eric Bailey?

1. Elevate with Eric's Proven Strategies: Eric's insights aren't mere theories – they're tried-and-true strategies that have been refined through real-world experiences. His captivating presence on stage emanates from a rich history that spans from the basketball court to the global stage, allowing him to deeply connect with audiences from all walks of life.

2. Global Perspective, Universal Impact: With a global footprint, Eric Bailey has touched lives across 13 continents, instilling hope, and courage in the hearts of countless individuals 4.5 million. His messages transcend cultural boundaries, uniting audiences in a shared pursuit of excellence and personal growth.

3. Storytelling that Resonates: Eric's powerful storytelling weaves a tapestry of relatable experiences, creating a bridge between his life lessons and the aspirations of his listeners. His stories aren't just anecdotes – they're life-altering narratives that inspire change and foster resilience.

★Your captivating personality and approach grabbed all of us in the room, and you didn’t let us go! You made us laugh and cry with your touching personal stories. -Jenifer Hopkins, Flight Centre

Who Is Eric?

Eric's early life could have been a script of despair, but he chose a different path. With unwavering determination, he refused to be defined by his circumstances. Instead, he embraced the challenges as steppingstones, propelling him toward a destiny beyond anyone's imagination.

Born with a bone disease and abandoned by his biological parents, Eric journeyed through the unforgiving streets of South-Central Los Angeles. Rather than succumb, he channelled these struggles to forge strength. In a neighbourhood synonymous with challenges, he unearthed his unbreakable spirit.

A pivotal mentor recognized Eric's potential, propelling him to secure a university education against all odds. Overcoming mental, emotional, physical, and financial hurdles, this marked the inception of his transformative journey.

Although NBA dreams encountered setbacks, Eric's tenacity endured. He ventured to Australia in the early '80s, pioneering the National Basketball League (NBL). While injuries curtailed his playing career, his passion burned on.

For over 30 years, Eric's impact transcends borders. Giants such as Qantas, Footlocker, NBA, Pizza Hut, Robert Walters, John Deere, Scotia Bank, CIMB BankToyota, RE/MAX and many more  have sought his transformative insights.

As a Certified Mental Wellness First Aid Coach and Facilitator, Eric possesses the tools to nurture wellbeing. His workshops and keynotes extend across mediums – online, convention centres, boardrooms, classrooms, and even the basketball court. He pioneers groundbreaking team-building activities on the hardwood and offers one-on-one coaching.

Signature Keynote and Workshops: The Championship DNA:

Eric's trademark "The Championship DNA" series has garnered rave reviews worldwide. This transformative offering encapsulates his philosophy and empowers individuals to unleash their inner champions. The workshops and keynotes can be delivered online, in convention centres, boardrooms, classrooms, on the basketball court with groundbreaking Team Building Activities on the hardwood, and through one-on-one coaching.

Recognized as the 22nd best Motivational Speaker in the World in 2014 and a recipient of the highly prestigious CSP award in 2008, Eric's words kindle flames, reshape destinies, and guide transformative journeys.

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award is an exceptional honor achieved by fewer than 10 percent of all global speakers. It signifies Eric's dedication and expertise in inspiring change and driving impact.

A Catalyst for Global Change:

Eric's story resonates on global stages - from Fox News to CBS, NBC, and CEO Magazine. His empowerment message reaches far and wide.

Eric is a loving proud father, grandfather, ambassador for change, lending his voice to organizations like Nourish the Children and Adopt Change. His commitment to impact goes beyond motivational speaking.

Your organization will be transformed and engaged when you BOOK ERIC BAILEY.

When You Book Eric You Get This Pack Complimentary!!!

"Success Surge Supplements: Complimentary Edition"

  • 1.Customized Pre-Event Consultation: Eric will conduct a detailed pre-event consultation to understand your organization's specific goals and challenges. This ensures that the content and message of his presentation are tailored precisely to your needs.
  • 2.Post-Event Resources: Eric can provide post-event resources like presentation materials, handouts, or video recordings of the session. This allows attendees to revisit and reinforce the key takeaways from the presentation.
  • 3.Interactive Q&A Session: In addition to the main presentation, Eric can include an extended interactive Q&A session. This gives attendees the opportunity to engage directly with Eric, ask questions, and receive personalized advice.
  • 4.Follow-Up Webinar or Workshop: To further support the application of the concepts learned, Eric can offer a follow-up webinar or workshop. This session can delve deeper into specific topics discussed during the main presentation and provide actionable strategies for implementation.
  • 5.Access to Exclusive Content: Attendees can gain exclusive access to Eric's library of motivational content, including articles, videos, and podcasts. This content can serve as ongoing inspiration and reinforcement of the principles discussed during the event.
  • 6.Complimentary One-on-One Coaching Session with Eric Bailey:

As a special bonus, one lucky individual from the audience or organization will have the exclusive opportunity to schedule a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session directly with Eric Bailey himself. Whether you're attending a workshop, conference, or any event featuring Eric, this private session is a chance for a deeply personalized experience. It's an intimate interaction with Eric, a globally renowned motivational speaker and certified mental wellness first aid coach, offering an exclusive opportunity to receive expert guidance, motivation, and insights tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals. This exclusive session aims to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, boost resilience, and embark on a path to personal and professional success with Eric as their dedicated coach and mentor. Don't miss this chance to elevate your journey!

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His heartfelt story of his upbringing had many people actually emotional. His ability to relate to people and draw our empathy was unbelievable. He has the ability to inspire and motivate people with his open honesty and believability. Our feedback sheets rated Eric the maximum 10/10.
Debbie Clue, Internal Communications Specialist Corporate Human Resources | Scotia Bank Jamaica
Our company conference would not have had the buzz and excitement without Eric Bailey as our Keynote Speaker. Eric shares his life experiences in a way that brings honesty and touches everyone in the room. He has a great ability of using these personal challenges and relates them to a business environment. He took the time to learn who we were and weaved this knowledge throughout the presentation so that everyone understood how to take his philosophies and ingrain them into our business lives. Thank you, Eric, for the opportunity and the inspiration you have left with us all.
Nick Gardner, Managing Director | Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd
Over the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to see many great speakers presenting to mortgage brokers and you rank up there with the best! You bring an energy which is entirely contagious, values that all professional advisers should be reminded of, and a story of success from adversity that everybody needs to hear.
Jason Bridgett, Operations Manager | Home Loan Connexion
Eric Bailey mesmerized our sales and management team with his messages of mental toughness. Our reps are three months into the program and we have seen vast improvements, and they are getting tougher every day.
Charles Harris, Sales Manager | Ford Motor Company
"We recently had the great privilege of having Eric address our guests at an Economic Outlook Breakfast on the Gold Coast. Eric was instantly engaging and had the crowd completely transfixed as he told his story. His authentic presence and vulnerability coupled with positive energy and hope resonated with everyone in the room. On a professional level Eric was punctual, easy to deal with, humble and just an all round nice bloke. I would highly recommend Eric to any business looking for a speaker that will entertain, challenge and inspire."
Ange Taylor | Housing Industry Association Ltd
Eric had the team engaged from the start, and by the end we had been on a journey of motivation, thought-provoking insight and good humour. The interactive workshop nature of the session was exactly what we were looking for, and the message of contribution (and belonging) to a team was brilliantly reinforced. Thanks Eric!
Michael Tree | McConaghy Group: Leading Retail Property Builder
On behalf of Gelatissimo, I want to thank you so much for your presentation at our G23 Conference recently on the Gold Coast. Your flair, passion, messaging and most importantly your message struck a chord with everyone in the conference. You fitted right in with our messaging and most importantly typified the passion and thoughts that we where looking for from our guest speaker. Thank you again and we would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an amazing presenter and true professional.
John Mellas | National Retail Operations Manager, Gelatissimo Australia
I really didn’t know what to expect and having had a number of people over the last 40 years you rank in the top % , I was blown away by how you weaved real life stories with lessons and take outs, and how you got people to participate and think and when they presented made them feel valued. I know the afternoon and next day staff were still talking about the take outs for them which is a great sign. I will definitely keep you in mind for when we or a client next needs a speaker, again a big THANKYOU!!
Gary Fitz-Roy | Brand Custodian - Managing Director, Expertise Events
We had the privilege of having Eric attend and present at our national LINK conference where Eric Bailey delivered an incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking speech. Eric's genuine and charismatic delivery made his speech engaging and relatable. He effortlessly connected with the audience, making each person feel seen and understood. His ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner made his message accessible to everyone in the room. In summary, Eric Bailey's speech at the LINK conference was a transformative experience. His unwavering belief in the power of perseverance and a positive mindset left an indelible mark on all attendees. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have heard Eric speak and will carry his teachings with me as I navigate life's challenges. If you have the chance to hear Eric Bailey speak, I highly recommend seizing the opportunity. His words have the potential to change lives and inspire individuals to push beyond their limits.
Farzin Hesari | CEO, LINK Franchising Australia
Eric was simply fabulous - he provided exactly what we had hoped we could achieve for our Sales Conference. Eric provided a mix of entertainment, thought-provoking ideas and comments, and challenges to our group on work and home life balance - all of this was wrapped around the story of his own personal journey through his basketball career. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eric to any group that is looking for a guest speaker 10/10.
Pacific Fuel Solutions
Eric Bailey delivered a corporate keynote/workshop to our Partners, Lawyers, and staff at McInnes Wilson Lawyers. There is only one word to sum it up! MEMORABLE. His interactive approach, combined with powerful and emotional storytelling, left a profound impact on our team. Eric's workshop provided us with invaluable takeaways, equipping us with the strength and skills to manage our emotions and deliver at a higher level for our clients. The session was not only transformative but also deeply insightful, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among our team. His expertise in mental wellness coaching is unparalleled. Eric's ability to connect with each individual on a personal level, while simultaneously addressing broader organisational challenges, is a testament to his exceptional skills as a speaker and mental wellness coach. His genuine passion for empowering others is evident in every aspect of his work, making him an invaluable asset to any team or organisation seeking to foster resilience, emotional intelligence, and sustainable growth. We highly recommend Eric Bailey to any group looking to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting positive change.
Suzana Pobulic, Office and Quality Assurance Manager at McInnes Wilson Lawyers
Eric Bailey, a motivational speaker, was asked to speak to our Year 10’s at their formal Year 10 Dinner, celebrating their journey thus far. Eric's captivating presence, relatable anecdotes, and practical advice left a lasting impact on our students and staff. His inspirational message on setting goals, overcoming challenges, and staying true to one's values was not only engaging but also empowering. Eric's genuine passion for motivating individuals, coupled with his approachable demeanour, made this event truly memorable. We wholeheartedly recommend Eric Bailey as a motivational speaker who can transform any occasion into a powerful and inspiring experience.
Shelley Haines, Head of Year 10 | Outdoor Education Coordinator at Saint Stephen's College
I booked Eric Bailey, who was excellent. Eric fully understood the brief and the audience he was asked to speak to. The moment he stood up, he had the room, his engaging manner and audience interaction were second to none. He took the room on a journey, culminating in facing in to the challenges, we as a department, are about to face. Eric delivered exactly what we had asked of him and left the room on a high - setting the day up for success and arming our people with a mindset to deal with the unknown.
Jason Farrow | Director, ICT Transition, Queensland Police Service
We recently had the pleasure of hosting Eric Bailey at our College's Yr 10 breakfast celebration with staff, students and parents. Eric had a tough assignment given we only gave him 10-15 for an impactful keynote for our students and families. Eric nailed the brief and was able to relate his story to our students and parents, weaving in key messages for our young people. The feedback from our students, parents and staff was incredibly positive and we hope to be able to use Eric again in the future.
Greg Lavey | Unity College
It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we reflect on the invaluable contribution Eric Bailey made to our Be More, Achieve More Symposium 2024. Eric's ability to captivate and inspire an audience is unparalleled, and his session was a cornerstone of the event's success. Even a brief interruption by a fire alarm could not diminish the potency of his message or the indelible impact he had on our team. Eric's resilience in the face of such unexpected challenges only amplified the respect and admiration we hold for him. On a personal level, I was deeply touched by the depth of Eric's insights and the genuine passion he brings to his work. His stories of resilience, determination, and personal growth resonated profoundly, offering both a mirror and a window into the potential we all hold within ourselves. Eric's session was not merely a presentation but a transformative journey that has left an enduring mark on our professional and personal landscapes. We are immensely grateful to Eric for sharing his journey, wisdom, and spirit with us. His contribution extended beyond the event, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration that will undoubtedly propel our organization forward in our endeavours. Thank you, Eric, for not only meeting but far exceeding our expectations, and for being a pivotal part of an event that we will cherish and draw upon for years to come.
Express Retail Group