Case study

Brownlow Medallist's 'Twitter Takeover' for Sportsbet

Sportsbet contacted Pickstar with a typically cheeky brief for former AFL champion Adam Cooney.

The Brief

Twitter Takeover



    No one is better than Sportsbet at using fun and humorous content to drive social media engagement.

    Australia's largest bookmaker reached out to Pickstar with a 'Twitter Takeover' plan for Adam Cooney, following the success of a similar event with Dane Swan.

    Cooney is among hundreds of Australian sports stars that Pickstar has direct access to for commercial opportunities.

    He is a sought-after AFL personality not only because of his quick wit and lighthearted nature, but also for his ability to switch modes into an insightful analyst.

    Cooney was asked to take over Sportsbet's Twitter account the Round 19 2017 clash between the Bulldogs and the Bombers, his two former clubs.

    The former AFL star accepted the brief and was booked within 24 hours.


      Cooney was given few parameters by Sportsbet, apart from encouragement to take the mickey out of his former team mates on both sides.

      The result was plenty of laughs for the Sportsbet and AFL audience.

      Sportsbet was very pleased with the process and end result, with great content, excellent engagement on Twitter and talent who was "fantastic to deal with".

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