Case study

Tom Lonergan speaks to students about achieving success through adversity

When Saint Ignatius College needed a sports star to speak on the theme of 'success through adversity', they knew Tom Lonergan would be the perfect fit. The former Geelong Cats player overcame a series of significant challenges during his career that could easily have resulted in early retirement.

The Brief

Tom Lonergan to speak at a senior student and parent presentation and engage in a Q&A on achieving success through adversity.

Tom Lonergan


    Saint Ignatius College Companions Coordinator Elana Cole came to Pickstar with one athlete in mind - Tom Lonergan. Saint Ignatius embraces the theme 'success through adversity', and the college thought the challenges Tom faced throughout his football career would inspire their senior students.

    The Pickstar team immediately sent out the request to Tom, who was thrilled to have the opportunity to share his story and demonstrate to the students that success was possible no matter what hurdles presented themselves.

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    On 24 August, 2019, Saint Ignatius College hosted 'An Evening with Tom Lonergan' at St Thomas Church in the Senior College.

    Tom spoke for around 45 minutes, giving a raw account of the challenges he faced in his football career and how he was able to overcome those challenges and achieve his goals. Tom then participated in a Q&A session, happily answering any questions the students had, no matter how personal.

    "It was a wonderful evening, and it is hoped that students will feel inspired and driven to apply this sense of resilience and determination to their academic studies and future endeavours. Thanks for all your help in booking Tom for this event." - Elana Cole

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