Case study

Sports Stars Delight Westbourne Grammar Students

The Brief

Barry Power from Westbourne Grammar School submitted a request on the Pickstar platform and outlined that he was looking for a star to deliver a motivational speech about their sporting journey on a school excursion. Barry detailed that he wanted professional guest speakers who would provide his Year 9 students with a memorable experience.

Peter Bol


    The request was shared on the Pickstar public marketplace, where any of the 2000+ stars on the platform could apply. Within a couple of days, Barry had more than ten well-known professional athletes from varied sporting backgrounds apply to be involved in the event.

    Excited with the choices, Barry looked into each star’s bio to learn more about their story to make an informed decision on who would be most suitable for the target audience.

    Barry logged into his Pickstar account and booked two athletes; Sarah Rowe, an AFLW player from Ireland, and Peter Bol, an Australian Olympian who migrated from Sudan.


      An automatically generated invoice instantly got sent to Barry once he booked, allowing him to easily pay for the guest speakers through the platform. A chat function then opened, enabling him to communicate with the stars directly to confirm any details regarding the event.

      Leading up to the event, Sarah and Peter received regular reminders about the booking through their mobile app and felt informed and prepared for the engagement. Barry shared that the students could hardly contain their excitement and watched many of their sporting highlights before the interaction.

      On the day, Sarah and Peter each delivered a 30-minute keynote speech about their inspiring journey, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session which allowed students to discover more intricate details about their experiences. Barry was impressed by the competence and enthusiasm of the stars, and submitted a rave review:

      "Peter Bol and Sarah Rowe spoke excellently to our Year 9 students. Peter was a composed and engaging speaker whose relaxed manner and thoughtful content stimulated our students. Sarah was thoroughly prepared and spoke meaningfully on her sporting journey with key thematic foci in her presentation. Both speakers responded to questions from the audience in a considered manner. The speakers' professionalism in their presentations was noteworthy." Barry Power, Year 9 director of Westbourne Grammar School.

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