Case study

Hair clinic secures not one, but two brand ambassadors

The Brief

Hair growth specialists Gro wanted a brand ambassador to be the face of their business and undergo a hair transplant procedure.

The focus was on NSW and Queensland, with a star who had male pattern baldness, aged 25-50 and would be willing to produce a content series to follow their journey.

Mat Rogers Gro


    The Pickstar platform got to work. Based on the requirements and budget, the platform’s sophisticated algorithm presented talent recommendations to the team at Gro.

    Gro was presented with a list of high profile rugby league and union players interested in the opportunity across the target locations of NSW and Queensland.

    The team at Gro chose dual-code legend Mat Rogers to be their brand ambassador for a variety of reasons:

    • Mat was passionate about breaking down the stigma of hair loss and hair transplant procedures
    • Mat is very articulate in front of the camera, making him a great option for the video content they wanted to produce
    • As a dual-code international, Mat has great visibility across a wide range of supporters
    • Mat’s appearance on Celebrity Survivor gained him great appeal as a family-man and generally likeable personality


      Mat began his role as brand ambassador for Gro and got to producing a series of content focused on the journey he went through - before, during and after the procedure.

      The content gained traction and drove a significant uptick in calls, bookings and revenue for Gro.

      From there, one brand ambassadorship quickly turned into two.

      Gro were so impressed with increased exposure and revenue the brand ambassadorship was able to bring, they returned to Pickstar to source a second star to focus on the Victorian market.

      Pickstar was not only able to provide Mat as a brand ambassador, but also support Gro through the process of crafting a contract and confirming deliverables.

      Pickstar Chief Growth Officer Loren Renton said the Gro brand ambassadorship opportunity was a great one for the client and talent involved.

      “It was Gro’s first time using a brand ambassador,” Renton said.

      “Pickstar has facilitated hundreds of brand ambassadorships, so we understand what reasonable deliverables and budgets are. We were able to guide them to get a great deal for the client, while still respecting the time and IP of the talent.

      “One of the keys to Pickstar facilitating the ambassadorship is the process we’ve developed to make it as smooth as possible.

      “We’ve got knowledge our talent interests and passions, but also deep insights regarding the deliverables as well. On top of that, we can guide the client through the contract process.”

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