Case study

Athletes booked for campaign to build girls' confidence and promote equality in sport

AthletesVoice's used Pickstar to book a group of leading women sports stars for their 'MyStory #TeamGirls' video campaign.

The Brief

Female athletes required to participate in a five part video series and share their story on what motivated them to reach the top of their sport and the adversity they overcame to get there.

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    In collaboration with Suncorp, AthletesVoice has released the video campaign ‘My Story #TeamGirls’ to promote greater confidence among girls who play sport and improve gender equality in all sports. The campaign profiles leading female athletes across multiple codes whose stories relate to the overarching themes of leadership and mentoring.

    AthletesVoice came to Pickstar specifically looking for the ideal female athletes to lead this powerful campaign.

    Pickstar provided a shortlist of exceptional talent to AthletesVoice, who were thrilled to book Morgan Mitchell, Alicia Quirk and Ashleigh Brazill for the campaign. AthletesVoice were impressed by the athletes' stories of overcoming adversity in their careers and the tremendous impacts they have had in changing societal perceptions of women in sport.

    • AFLW and Netball star Ashleigh Brazill participating in Athletes Voice Campaign


    Morgan, Alicia and Ashleigh were extremely positive, flexible and open to sharing their personal stories, reflections and advice to help inspire young girls and drive equality in sport.

    Each athlete brought three significant mementos to guide their interviews and shared tips for success.

    Superstar athlete Morgan discussed the importance of being a happy athlete, believing in oneself and ‘learning what you love’.

    Courageous touch footballer and rugby 7s olympian Alicia shared the importance of team work, self-belief, breaking down barriers, chasing goals and 'conquering fears'.

    Ashleigh opened up about her sexuality and the power of sport to make her feel comfortable in herself from an early age and be 'proud of who she was'.

    The hugely successful campaign is expected to reach over 3 million people, and so far has generated thousands of interactions on social media.

    AthletesVoice and Suncorp were extremely impressed with the positive attitudes of the athletes, their willingness to share their struggles and successes, and their keenness to spread awareness of the campaign and its messages.

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