2022 star request budget guide

Not sure how much a guest speaker will cost? Unsure where to start with creating a budget for an influencer campaign? Or wondering if you could even afford a star?

We get it - it can be overwhelming.

But you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got budget guidance for guest speaker fees, influencer costs and brand ambassadorship price ranges.

Any brief, any budget

We’ll get into the specific budget guidance, but first a quick explanation of Pickstar.

Pickstar is a little different to a talent agency, a speaker bureau or an influencer platform.

Pickstar is a true marketplace.

There are no set fees for a motivational speaker or for a football star to run a skills clinic at your local club.

You enter your brief (what you want a star to do) and a budget and our platform sends this information directly to your preferred stars. They then apply or decline for your opportunity based on this.

So you’ve got complete control of your budget.

There’s no payment or commitment until you select the right star for your opportunity.

And if you’re still completely unsure where to start with budget after reading this guide, no problem. Just enter your opportunity with a nominal budget and we’ll be in touch to give you guidance. Our client solutions team has helped hundreds of organisations secure a star, so they’ve got great insights to share with you.

Pickstar budget guide

The following gives some very rough guidance around how much it costs for stars to do guest speaking, keynote speaking, virtual speaking, MC gigs, social campaigns, brand ambassadorships and fan experiences.

The actual fee will vary based on a number of factors. Use this information as a starting point - and we strongly recommend reading the in-depth guides for more information.

Guest speaker budget guide

There are a number of factors that impact guest speaker fees (which we go into more detail in our Guest Speaker Budget Guide), but for a 30-60 minute presentation, guest speakers will charge anywhere from $1,000 up to $10,000+.

Of course, it’s possible to get a guest speaker for less than $1,000, but from Pickstar’s extensive experience, we strongly recommend stretching your budget to that $1,000 mark if you’re able to.

Our extensive guest speaker budget guide gives more details about exactly what you can expect to pay and the factors impacting budget. Read it here.

School guest speaker budget guide

While our guest speaker budget guide is still relevant for schools, some talent may be prepared to lower their fees slightly. Pickstar’s data suggests schools may be able to get a guest speaker starting at around $500.

But as ever, the Pickstar advice remains the same - put your best budget forward to ensure you get the best chance to secure the star you want.

Keynote speaker budget guide

The differences between a guest speaker and keynote speaker are subtle, but important when considering budget for these types of speakers.

A keynote speaker tends to be an experienced speaker with a deep expertise on a topic. They’ll often be the centrepiece of the event, so it’s worth stretching your budget to get someone of the highest quality.

Keynote speaker fees tend to start around the $4,000 mark, stretching all the way up to $25,000+ for the most highly sought after speakers.

Read our detailed keynote speaker budget guide here

Virtual guest speaker budget guide

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it was how to do video meetings. Zoom became part of our vocabulary and with good reason.

And guest speakers adapted to virtual gigs too, with many providing important stories around resilience and mental health at a time when Australians needed them most.

Virtual speaker fees can start from as little as $500 and range right up to the $5,000+ mark.

Our virtual meeting Q&A packages will give a guide on virtual speaker budgets. Check them out here.

MC budget guide

Finding a quality MC can be the difference between an event running perfectly and the whole thing becoming a bit shambolic.

Finding a great master of ceremonies is worth the time. And fortunately using Pickstar, it won’t take much of your time.

MC fees range from around $1,500 and can stretch well above $10,000 for experienced MCs, especially those with extensive media experience and presence.

Check out the great range of stars available to MC your event here.

Influencer budget guide

For a social influencer to post about your product or event on social media, prices start from under $500 for influencers with fewer than 10,000 followers, working up to $3,500+ for stars with 100,000 followers.

These figures can vary significantly depending on product fit, influencer engagement rate and how strong an influencer’s brand outside of social media is.

Stars on the Pickstar platform are a little different to most influencers - many have a significant profile outside of social media, meaning you’re engaging with more than just followers.

Read our detailed influencer budget guide to understand more about how to build a social media campaign with a star.

Brand ambassador budget guide

A brand ambassadorship isn’t a one-off social media post or appearance at a store. It’s a longer-term agreement between a brand and a high profile star, where the star becomes an integral part of the brands marketing strategy.

The budget range for a brand ambassador will range from $10,000 for a shorter length agreement (like 3 months) right up to $500,000+ for a superstar with significant deliverables within the deal.

Read our ultimate guide to brand ambassadorships here, which features more details on budget.

Fan experience budget guide

Want to get your favourite netball player to your friend’s birthday? Or record a video message for your mum’s retirement? Or get your favourite AFL player to host your fantasy draft?

It’s possible with Pickstar.

But your budget will determine the likelihood of this happening.

Top AFL/AFLW, NRL/NRLW, netball and cricket stars have not only busy schedules, but a high demand for commercial opportunities, so are unlikely to attend a birthday party for a $50 fee.

The budgets for these fan experiences will vary significantly based on the requirements and time commitments, but for an in-person event, a good starting point is $500.

You could also consider a video message. A number of stars are available to record video messages, which will give you an idea of budget. You can check them out here.

The bottom line
Pickstar is designed to give you complete control with budget. These budget guides are just that - guides. And ultimately, there are so many factors including availability, alignment, location and effort that will impact on the fee stars will charge for various engagements.

To find out which stars are interested in your opportunity, the best approach is to post your opportunity with the budget you've got and see who applies. It's free to post your opportunity and you won't be charged until stars apply and you confirm your preferred star(s).

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