Influencer budget guide for 2022

Trying to figure out the budget for your online campaign, but have no idea where to start?

This article will help guide you through some of the things you’ll need to consider regarding your budget before you approach talent to promote your brand or business, and embark on your online campaign.

Is there a set price-guide for talent?

While there is never a set amount that is required in order to entice a star to be a part of your online campaign, there are rough price brackets that can be used to determine how much money you might be looking to set aside relative to the clout of your desired star.

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Influencer budget guidance

The amount of social media followers a star has will have a significant impact on the reach of your campaign, and will typically influence their asking price for taking part in any online campaign. The rough guide below provides an indication towards how much you might expect to pay per post for a social media campaign.

0-10K = < $500
10K-15K = $500-$750
15K-20K = $750-$1000
20K-30K = $1000-$1250
30K-50K = $1250-$1500
50K-70K = $1500-$1750
70K-90K = $1750-$2500
90K-110K = $2500-$3500
110K+ = $3500 +

However… it’s not all about money

Budget guidance is just that. Guidance.

There is a lot more than cash sums to consider before budgeting for an online campaign.

There are several other questions to answer that will influence the budget of your campaign, and how much money your desired star is willing to accept to become a part of it.

Do your company values align with those of the star? Is the star passionate about your product/industry? Are you based in the same city as your target star? Are there additional benefits e.g. valuable experiences, networking opportunities or high-value products? Are they available to collaborate considering both their timetable and pre-existing business arrangements?

Each of these questions will play a massive role in attracting potential stars, as well as how much you will need to budget to get them on board.

Other questions such as how many posts are required and who provides the content to be posted raise another very important consideration...

Photo: Madi Bazzocco / Unsplash

Deliverables. Deliverables. Deliverables.

Being clear on what you wish your desired star to deliver for your campaign is of the utmost importance.

Do you want your desired star to deliver a video message about a product? Do you want an in-feed Instagram post with a specific hashtag? Or three frames of an Instagram story post with three frames and a swipe-up link? Do they have to create the content? Are they expected to have the sponsored posts public in perpetuity or are they allowed to archive posts?

All of these questions will have a major impact on your asking price.

Having a clear vision for what you want the star to do will help provide them clarity around their role in the campaign, as well as present a more quantifiable framework on how much you will need to budget for depending on the calibre of the star you are looking for.

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