Podcast: Nikki Dryden on the 'Olympic Dream' deception and human rights in sport

Former Canadian olympic swimmer Nikki Dryden once believed in the Olympic dream, before her work as a journalist and then human rights lawyer revealed a murkier sporting world.


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Pickstar again joined Mumbrella’s Sports Marketing Summit for another year, sharing our insights on stage while also picking up a number of podcast interviews and discussions with some of Australia’s most influential people in the business of sport.

Nikki Dryden

Our first interview from the event is with Nikki Dryden, a former Olympian, journalist and now an immigration and human rights lawyer with PwC.

Dryden was born and raised in Canada and continued on to compete in the 1992 & 1996 Summer Olympics in swimming. Now she is a US immigration and human rights lawyer working in Australia.

Nikki Dryden1

As an athlete, Nikki bought into the story of the Olympic Dream. Now, she sees the Olympics and sport much differently. She doesn’t hold anything back in her criticisms of sporting bodies and brands who are implicated in corruption, bad governance and human rights issues.

We covered these topics, as well as many other complexities relating to trust in sport, from the perspectives of administrators, sponsors, elite athletes and fans.

Nikki Dryden2
(L - R: James Begley, AFLW player Georgie Parker, Nikki Dryden and Andrew Montesi)

(L - R: James Begley, AFLW player Georgie Parker, Nikki Dryden and Andrew Montesi)

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