Book Netball World Cup players for your next sports club event

While elite netballers always make great guest speakers at sporting club events, they are particularly relevant and inspirational in the months following a Netball World Cup.

This year's Netball World Cup was a spectacular affair, with five powerhouse nations contending for the gold medal. Insights from players who were there, or who have competed in previous world cups, could be invaluable in demonstrating to players at any level the value of hard work, overcoming adversity, and managing stress when everything is on the line.

With the help of Pickstar, individuals and sports clubs are able to engage with past and present World Cup netballers for a broad range of opportunities.


  • Booking a world cup player to speak at, attend, or MC an end-of-season club night or presentation is a great way to add prestige and excitement to events
  • World Cup players attending registration events can help attract new players to your club
  • They can help deliver great results at club fundraisers
  • World Cup players have unique insights and skills to share

There are many World Cup players past and present available on the Pickstar marketplace. Here's our guide to some of the best and what they can bring to your next event.

Current World Cup players

2019 World Cup debutants

The 2019 Australian Diamonds squad included nine World Cup debutants, including Diamonds debutante Sarah Klau.

As representatives of the world's No. 1 ranked country, expectations of these young players were incredibly high.

Insights these debutants can share includes:

  • How it feels to be called up to the highest level of the game
  • What it takes to reach a World Cup and be selected
  • What it means to represent your country for the first time
  • The pressures of performing well at a World Cup
  • The differences between a World Cup and other events they may have participated in
  • Dealing with the disappointment of a World Cup loss and overcoming adversity

PickStar's top 3:

  1. Sarah Klau
  2. Kelsey Browne
  3. Jo Weston

Returning World Cup players

The Diamonds showcased three returning World Cup players who were crucial in providing on-court leadership and experience to ensure success across the games. Returning players can also reflect on the growth of international netball over the past four (or even eight) years and provide insights into what it takes to be selected multiple times, and how one World Cup might differ from the next.

PickStar's top 3:

  1. Caitlin Bassett
  2. Caitlin Thwaites
  3. Paige Hadley

International World Cup players

Believe it or not, PickStar's marketplace also includes three international netballers who are currently based in Australia but represent their home countries in the World Cup. They include Romelda Aiken for the Jamaican Sunshine Girls, English Roses representative Chelsea Pitman, and Geva Mentor, also an English Roses player and one of the world's best goalkeepers.

These world-class players can provide truly unique insights, including:

  • The challenges of restricted training time prior to the World Cup
  • How to handle extremely high expectations
  • Dealing with unexpected losses in the World Cup
  • The progress of netball in their respective countries
  • What it's like to live and play abroad

Former World Cup players

Finally, booking a former world cup player can be just as effective and exciting for your event! Not only can they provide many of the insights current World Cup players can, but they also possess great knowledge of World Cup history and can provide insightful analysis into its evolution. Former legends will also appeal to a wide netball audience and guarantee increased interest.

PickStar's top 4:

  1. Erin Bell
  2. Sharni Layton
  3. Natalie Von Bertouch
  4. Catherine Cox

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