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If you’re looking for innovative ways to showcase your business on and off your owned platforms, a brand ambassador in Brisbane is the perfect way to position your business and refresh your advertising. Leveraging your Brisbane brand ambassador’s social capital, you can market your brand to an audience that has already been cultivated and is motivated to try the next best product from a personality they trust.

Get access to that personality at Pickstar, where we can connect you with household names who are primed and experienced at connecting their unique voice and following to brands they work with. Explore our directory today to unlock more opportunities and propel your business towards further success.

Take advantage of every opportunity with Pickstar’s brand ambassadors in Brisbane

When your business or agency is looking for fresh ways to put your product in front of your customers’ eyes and wallets, our brand ambassadors in Brisbane are best placed to organically and authentically integrate your brand into their platform. From their social media channels to editorial mentions and reporting, our personalities can carry your messaging across various mediums to follow their audience wherever they are.

Brand ambassadors in Brisbane can help you host various brand activations that include:

  • Social media production

  • Whitelisting social media advertisements

  • Attending private and public events

  • Product launches

  • Meet and greets

  • Photos with event attendees

  • Filming and sharing social media posts

  • Emcee your events

  • Appear in marketing collateral

  • And so much more

By activating a localised Brisbane brand ambassador campaign, you can enjoy greater flexibility to tailor your message to a new audience, which can constantly be adjusted to attain the best results. With measurable data and results to qualify your investment, our personalities will help bring your new customer base to your call to action — whether discovering your brand, creating a lasting relationship and conversation with them or increasing sales.

Discover high-tier public figures at Pickstar

Looking for a public figure who is respected in their industry or niche? Our personalities represent some of the most accomplished and recognised people in their field your audience actively follows and trusts. From sports stars and Olympians to comedians, celebrity chefs, actors, musicians and TV and media personalities, you can connect your business to high-profile figures with a vaunted fan and media following that is ripe for you to capitalise on.

With access to an audience that engages with our personalities’ platform, you have instant access to an active follower base interested in their opinion, recommendations and content. Our brand ambassadors in Brisbane know their audience, who they are and what they’re looking for. They can combine their unique voice and content style with your brand’s positioning and product to naturally and authentically showcase it to their audience in the best way possible.

Pickstar — helping you discover a brand ambassador in Brisbane who resonate with your target audience

However you want to position your brand, our brand ambassadors in Brisbane will help you craft polished messaging that best engages your target audience.

Explore Pickstar’s diverse directory, where you can make quick and direct contact with our stars and their teams or try our ‘Create a job’ tool that matches your brief to a relevant personality and budget.

If you need more information, we invite you to review our FAQs, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we’re always here to help.

Along with brand ambassadors across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and across Australia, Pickstar can connect brands with influencers to leverage engaged and passionate social followings.

We can also help you source guest speakers, motivational speakers, keynote speakers, influencers and MCs, as well as the following:


What is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a celebrity, influencer or any other public figure engaged in a long-term partnership to raise awareness of your brand, build a positive reputation and increase customer loyalty and engagement. Naturally integrating your message into their content, your brand ambassador in Brisbane will organically endorse your product and lend your business credibility to capitalise on.

What are the benefits of using a brand ambassador in Brisbane?

A brand ambassador in Brisbane can help you transform your business into a brand by increasing brand awareness and credibility, targeted marketing, enhancing customer engagement, and cost-effective marketing.

How do I hire a Brisbane brand ambassador?

Right here at Pickstar! You can discuss directly with our talent and their teams or use our ‘Create a Job’ tool that pairs you with a brand ambassador in Brisbane that matches your campaign objectives and budget.

What is the difference between a brand ambassador and an influencer?

Rather than a one-off project, brand ambassadors in Brisbane are used over long periods to maintain a consistent conversation with their following that feels organic and authentic with their organic positioning and audience. While some social media content can be created, ambassadors may be utilised to host or attend events, participate in advertising and marketing campaigns and engage their audience over multiple platforms.