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Kara Saunders

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CrossFit World's Fittest Mum

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About me

  • Keynote Speaker
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World's Fittest Mum: 

My name is Kara Saunders and I am a professional CrossFit athlete. I'm a mum, business owner, wife, CrossFit athlete, and role model. I love being a mum and a professional athlete. Grinding in the gym is my passion and I make it happen every day and want you to come sweat it out with me. 

I hustle and grind every day to make my goals a reality. I lead by example by being a role model for my baby girl Scotti and like to inspire my tribe of loyal fans to go chase their dreams. 


  • 2nd Fittest in the world 2017
  • 4th Fittest in the world 2018
  • New mum in 2019
  • 7th Fittest in the world 2020

Kara is an amazing down-to-earth person and presents such an authentic and organic image of herself on social media. Her fans love her for it and hang off every high and low along the journey. 

If you want to align with an awesome woman who oozes success and is a true champion of the CrossFit sport get in touch... Your business won't regret it, I promise.

Listen to Kara's On Her Game Podcast episode to learn more about her journey:

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