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Pro Wrestler/Media Personality

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About me

  • Combat Sports
  • Actor
  • Fitness
  • Wrestling
  • Strength Sports
  • Media Personality

Former Professional Wrestler & Bodybuilder. Former WWE Developmental Talent. Current actor & Triple M Footy radio personality. Son of Sports Broadcasting Hall Of Famer, Dennis Cometti. 

From a performance point of view, I have learned many concepts both physical & mental through the world of professional wrestling that are very applicable to not only other sports, but life in general. Especially in terms of mindset, preparation and visualisation.  

On a deeper level I enjoy challenging the norms of society.... the stigma & pressure associated with "being a real man" & manhood. The negative effect on men / young men of growing up in a social media age. Now added to the misinformation we have been fed for many generations. Men need more empathy & compassion. 

In a world seemly more out of control than ever....We must all focus on becoming mindful not mindless. This can have a direct impact on the world and in turn of course our female counterparts which we need to lift our standards for and deserve far better from us as a whole.

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  • Western Australia

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  • Western Australia

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