Transition series - Jack Wilson's journey from trainee to rebel pro golfer

Transition series: Jack Wilson's journey from trainee to rebel pro golfe‪r‬

Jack Wilson is a rebel professional golfer and a cult hero who has transformed himself and his sport throughout his career.

Jack burst onto the scene back in 2013 seemingly from nowhere, becoming Australia’s first PGA trainee to win an Australasian Tour Event and placing third at the Australian PGA Championship, nearly pipping star Adam Scott.

But it has been much more than Jack’s performances on the course that have raised eyebrows. It was the blonde dreadlocks (which he recently shaved off for charity), the full beard, fresh attitude, and Happy Gilmore style story that challenged golf’s establishment.

Jack believes golf has got boring and is out to change culture, to make the sport he is so passionate about access to a bigger market and the next generation of kids.

But it isn’t easy. Not everyone wants to change. There’s a cost, but Jack says it is worth it.

Jack talks about this as well as his remarkable story, including his meteoric rise and the struggles that followed, how he’s building a business and brand while disrupting golf and much more.

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