Top Five Reasons to Book an Elite Athlete for Your Sports Club

Elite athletes can have a remarkable influence on your sports club and teams, in more ways than you think!

Booking a sports star for your club can have a tremendous impact across the entire season, in more ways than you think! Grassroots sports clubs are engaging sports stars with budgets large and small, for all kinds of events.


  • Attract large crowds, sell tickets & raise funds
  • Inspire both junior and experienced athletes at the club
  • Motivate and keep players focussed during highs and lows of a season
  • Insight into high-performance training standards and skills

Here are five ways a sports star can bolster your club's events and inspire your teams to achieve promising results across the season.

End-of-season presentation events

Turn your club’s end-of-season presentation into a prestigious and unforgettable event by booking an elite athlete to join the celebrations. Past events have shown great success, as sports celebrities can provide an inspirational speech, present awards, shake hands with winners, and mingle with all attendees. Kate Moloney and Maddy Proud are two of PickStar’s athletes who have previously enhanced club presentations.

Club fundraising event

What better way to boost your club’s fundraising event than with the guest appearance of a sports celebrity? Whether it’s giving a speech, drawing a raffle, or providing the chance for a selfie, autograph, or chat, sports stars of any status are sure to draw a crowd and increase ticket sales. Caitlin Bassett, Brenden Hall, and Jason Akermanis are just some of the Pickstar-listed athletes available for these events.

Skills clinics for players

Skill clinics run by guest sports stars are an effective way to create a motivating training session that will empower your athletes. Beyond the excitement of being coached by a sports celebrity, elite athletes also give insight to an extensive skill set and open your players' eyes to high-performance training standards. Past clients have been impressed with clinics run by Paige Hadley and Andy Keogh.

Coaches clinics

Why should the fun stop with the players, when Pickstar provides many coaches ideal for hosting a specialised coaching clinic. These sessions can focus on leadership, coaching techniques, skills, drills, advice, and more. This will provide a highly rewarding experience for your coaches, who are often devoted, volunteers. PickStar-listed coaches include Nathan Buckley, Craig McDermott andJohn Aloisi.

Motivational talks

When your team or club is experiencing an unsuccessful season, it can be hard to maintain an enthusiastic spirit. So, a motivational sports star guest speaker can be extremely valuable in re-igniting your team’s determination and positively influencing players’ attitudes in the lead-up to finals. Brant Garvey, Katrina Webb, and Melissa Barbieri are just some of the inspiration leaders available to book at Pickstar.

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