Top 5 motivational speakers in Perth

Whether it's a workforce, school, club, or association, people could always use an extra bit of motivation and a perfect guest speaker could be the key to igniting this motivation.

That is why here at Pickstar we have put together a top 5 list of motivational speakers available for booking in Perth!

Pickstar's Top 5

Rabia Siddique

Multi-award-winning humanitarian lawyer Rabia Siddique was born and raised in Perth, grew up being subjected to large amounts of discrimination, abuse, and racism as an Indian Muslim in Australia in the 1970s. It was this upbringing that inspired her to change the lives of others through justice, equality, and inclusion. After graduating from the University of Western Australia, Rabia began practicing law in her home state and later Singapore, before moving to the UK to pursue her dream of being a humanitarian lawyer.

Rabia went on to do humanitarian work all over the world, even serving for the British Army for seven years. In 2011 she would return to Australia to write and publish the book Equal Justice: My Journey as a Woman, a Soldier, and a Muslim which would go on to become a best seller. Rabia's life has seen her travel to all parts of the world and through this travel, she is sure to have many inspirational and motivational stories to tell.

Rabia Siddique

Jacob Burns

Perth Glory legend Jacob Burns enjoyed a professional footballing career that saw him play across the globe, including in the English Premier League with then-heavyweights Leeds United. Jacob's career also saw him feature with the Socceroos numerous times. After retiring in 2014, Jacob has stayed within the industry holding a number of coaching, directing, and development roles.

During his time as captain of Perth Glory, Jacob was very well known for his strong leadership qualities, which included high motivation skills, and saw his Perth Glory team enjoy strong success. His passion now lies within helping others develop and reach levels of excellence they did not know were possible.

Jacob Burns

Kathleen O'Kelly-Kennedy

After needing her right foot amputated at 18 months old, Kathleen O'Kelly-Kennedy was motivated to dedicate her life to sport from a young age. She quickly adopted the sport of wheelchair basketball and from there, there was no turning back. Kathleen rose through the ranks to eventually represent Australia at the young age of 17 before electing to move to the University of Illinois after receiving a scholarship.

Kathleen would win 3 national championships with the University of Illinois before eventually being selected for the Australian Paralympic team in 2008, winning bronze. She then played all over the world for different professional teams, including two men's teams in Italy, before retiring. After retiring she was able to focus on her next passion of helping others. Kathleen always focussed on gaining the best out of her life, even after being dealt a difficult hand. It is her motivation in life that saw her become the person that she is today.

Kathleen O Kelly Kennedy

Danny Green

One of Perth's finest, Danny Green has become a legend not just among Australian boxing fans, but sports fans alike. Arguably the greatest Australian boxer ever, Danny had an astonishing career that included world titles and a rivalry with fellow Australian boxer Anthony Mundine that transcended the pair and had them vying for first place over their whole careers.

"The Green Machine" excelled in one of the most difficult sports in the world and his career involved not only fight-winning KO's but many heartbreaking setbacks that motivated him to get to the very top and take on anyone who was in his way.

Danny appeared on a podcast with Pickstar prior to one of the biggest fights in Australian history.

Danny Green

Heath Black

Heath Black is a retired AFL footballer who struggled with mental illness throughout his 12-year professional career. Towards the end of his football career, he had a series of public misdemeanours which marred the solid reputation he had built over his career. Spiraling out of control, Heath realised the full extent of his mental issues in 2009 following the failure of his marriage, lost job opportunities, several arrests, and a growing dependence on alcohol.

Heath has decided to use his profile and experience to try and help other men who may suffer from Bipolar, ADHD, or other related mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, isolation, and alcoholism. These conditions are more common than most people would expect and often kept behind closed doors; which is one of the reasons Heath has decided to tell his story.

Heath Black

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