Podcast: Sam Bramham on Paralympic Gold Medals, Reality TV and a Fake Shark Attack

Sam Bramham is a two-time Paralympic gold medallist, author, reality TV star and one of Australia’s cheekiest sporting personalities.


Sam Bramham on Paralympic gold medals, reality TV and a fake shark attac‪k‬

Sam, who had his leg amputated at five years old, has found the limelight for much more than just his sporting successes.

He made international headlines for lying to an American journalist that his leg was mauled off by a kangaroo.

Sam Bramham1

He was also briefly detained by police in 2009 for faking a shark attack, with the help of McDonalds tomato sauce, which resulted in a full beach evacuation.

Sam was a much-loved contestant on Big Brother, and recently competed on popular tv show Ninja Warrior, among a number of media roles he has held. He has also been a motivational speaker since the age of 14.

We had a hilarious and insightful chat with Sam, who shared his story and rise to fame, his unique way of dealing with disability stigma and the many amazing, challenging and sometimes awkward moments along the way.

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