Podcast: Olympian Genevieve Gregson (LaCaze) on resilience, relationships and headlines

Genevieve Gregson (better known by her maiden name, LaCaze) has become somewhat a poster girl for Australian athletics - a dual Olympic runner specialising in the 3000 metre steeplechase event, with an Australian record to her name, combined with a marketable style and humble, Aussie attitude.

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Olympian Genevieve Gregson (LaCaze) on resilience, relationships and headline‪s‬

Gen has found her way into the headlines for exploits on and off the track. She burst onto the scene in 2012 when she surprisingly qualified for the Australian Olympic team, only it was a day late. When Athletics Australia tried to hold their line on the qualifying rules, within hours Gen was trending on Twitter and making international news. Only then did the Australian Olympic Committee get involved and open the door for her inclusion in the team.

Then two years later, Gen jumped on stage at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony dancing with Kylie Minogue ... in front of a global audience. She tells us the hilarious back story.

But behind the fun and games is an athlete with enormous commitment to her craft. Gen says the drive has been there since she was a kid - dedication to diet, sacrificing everything to get better and chase her athletic dreams.

And she’s had more than her fair share of injury setbacks to overcome. Gen says she found that resilience at the beginning of her career, when she struggled to cope with a US college scholarship and tried to quit running.

It was that period in her life, and the lessons learned, that would set the foundations for her professional career.

We talk about all of these stories and lessons learned, as well as the humourous dynamic between Gen and her husband, fellow Olympic runner Ryan Gregson, working with Nike and her approach to marketing and social media, and much more.

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