Podcast, Live at Mumbrella360: Sports stars and brands - the good, bad and ugly

Live at Mumbrella360, elite athletes and marketers came together to talk about the good, bad and ugly aspects of sports star and brand deals.

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Sports stars and brands: The good, bad and ugly with James Magnussen, Ellie Brush, Dan Bitti & Peter Wilson (live at Mumbrella360‪)‬

We’ve got something a bit different for this episode of Off-Field - a discussion recorded live at Mumbrella360, Australia’s top media and marketing event, which was put together and moderated by Pickstar’s Andrew Montesi.

The topic was ‘sports stars and brands: the good, the bad and the ugly’, with an all star panel of athletes and marketers unpacking the issues - swimming champion James Magnussen, AFLW and W-League athlete Ellie Brush, senior marketing manager at Kellogg's Dan Bitti and Head of Planning at Iris Pete Wilson.

The engaging discussion covered building athlete brands, corporate partnerships, talent costs, risks for both brands and athletes and plenty of examples and insights on the good, bad and ugly aspects from the world of sports stars and brands.

James had also announced his retirement from swimming the day before our event, which made the conversation even more topical and interesting.

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Off-Field focuses on the world of sport outside of the arena with the people who make it happen. Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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