Podcast: Marty Pask on the evolution of the sports talent agent

The role of the sports talent agent is widely misunderstood. A lot of people will think of Jerry Maguire, or flashy dealmakers driving big-money club and brand contracts. Or, to the frustration of our guest, troublemakers who fuel the headlines and movement in the player market.

M Arty Pask

Marty Pask on the evolution of the sports talent agen‪t‬

Marty Pask, owner of i50 Management, gives us a fascinating insight into what the world of an athlete agent is really like. And for Marty, who works predominantly with AFL talent including Essendon captain Dyson Heppell, it starts with empathy.

As a former AFL footballer who only played a few games at the highest level, he understands the rollercoaster from draft day through to being cut, and everything in between.

Marty says it is about joining his athletes on the journey, which starts from that first cup of tea with an 18-year-old athlete and his parents.

The role of the sports talent agent has changed drastically in the last five years or so. The ruthless nature of social media and a fast-paced news cycle is a talent agent’s nightmare.

And while social media can make or break a brand in a moment, it has also turned the commercial market on its head. Marty says it wasn’t long ago when it was all about TV exposure and getting as many eyeballs on the talent and brand as possible - now it is about influencer marketing and the athlete’s engaging social channels.

We also talk about the key elements of the sports talent market and where it is heading, identifying talent and building player brands, the circus of the AFL trade period and much more.

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