Podcast: Jaimie Fuller on why Skins filed for bankruptcy

On the Off-Field podcast, former Skins chairman Jaimie Fuller talks about the rise and fall of his pioneering sports compression company as well as the balance of social impact and commercial success in sport.

Jaimie Fuller on why Skins filed for bankruptc‪y‬

This time last year, we shared a panel event interview featuring Jaimie Fuller, the Chairman of pioneering compression sportswear company Skins, who talked about his activism and issues around trust in sport.

This time when we sat down with Jaimie, the circumstances were very different. Skins filed for bankruptcy at the start of the year, after years of Jaimie and his team trying to pull the business out of the red.

It was a sad end for one of the most courageous sports brands, and while it was a surprise to some, it wasn’t to Jaimie, who said it all came about because he did a lousy deal with bankers just before the Global Financial Crisis.

Jaimie opens up completely on what went wrong, the mistakes, and the learnings. We also talk about whether it is possible for brands to have true social impact and commercial success, the issues in sport he’s most passionate about, and what’s next for Jaimie - it is highly unlikely we’ve seen the last of him. It’s a super engaging and fascinating chat.

The interview was recorded following Jaimie's keynote presentation at Mumbrella Sports Marketing Summit 2019.

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