Podcast: Beyond the buzz of the E-Sports revolution with Darren Kwan

In the last year or so, e-sports has been at the centre of hype and buzz in the sports industry. Big numbers have been thrown around, in terms of the size of market and commercial opportunity.

Even mainstream Australian sports have taken notice, with AFL club, the Adelaide Crows, buying a team.

But according to Darren Kwan, founder of the Australian E-Sports Association, e-sports has always been a big deal. Interest has been massive globally, particularly in Asia, and gamers have been playing in tournaments for huge prize money for decades.

We sat down with Darren at the Sports Analytics Conference 2017 in Melbourne, attended by over 1000 people from the sports tech industry from around Australia and the world. He gave us the facts about where E-Sports is at, in an Australian and global context. Not just the opportunities and also challenges especially when it comes to issues of player welfare and retention.

Enjoy our chat with Darren Kwan from the Australian E-Sports Association.


Beyond The Buzz Of The E-Sports Revolution With Darren Kwa‪n‬

Darren Kwan

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