Podcast: Champion jockey Kerrin McEvoy’s Melbourne Cup success secrets

Kerrin McEvoy has won three Melbourne Cups and is regarded as Australia's top jockey. But he almost didn't make it. He shares his story and insights.

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Kerrin McEvoy's Melbourne Cup success secret‪s‬

Kerrin McEvoy is regarded as Australia's best jockey - a big race specialist who has won a remarkable three Melbourne Cups - in 2000, 2016 and 2018 - along numerous other major races in Australia and overseas.

Despite the success he’s maintained the humble, hard working attitude that was instilled in him growing up in Streaky Bay in regional South Australia.

Brought up in a horse racing family, Kerrin only ever wanted to be a jockey. But it didn’t come easy. He moved to Melbourne as an apprentice, and was almost sent home because he wasn’t up to the challenge.

But driven by that innate passion for the sport, Kerrin found a way to not just survive but thrive at the highest level. At just 20 years of age, he won his first Melbourne Cup and the rest really is history.

In this fascinating chat, Kerrin talks in detail about what it takes to win the Melbourne Cup, his incredibly detailed strategic approach and dealing with the pressure of having every eye in the country on you … as well as the keys to long-term success, leadership, balancing horse racing with family life, the financial side of horse racing and much more.

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