Pickstar refresh: New brand, website, stars

New year. New brand. New website. New horizons. New stars.

Same promise.




"A human of great achievement; otherwise and often referred to as a talent or celebrity."

Pickstar’s brand promise hasn't changed and remains firmly centred around making it super easy for you to connect with and book 'stars'.

Enabling anyone across the globe to leverage star power so they can deliver positive outcomes and moments around the globe energises us.

That could mean launching a new brand campaign or product, pinning a famous face to your brand, giving your workplace or school the opportunity to learn and be inspired first-hand by the world's greatest achievers or simply organising a surprise for a loved one.

Here are some of the things we're excited about in 2021...

New brand, new website

Over the coming weeks, you'll start seeing communications from us that look different.

We knew it was time for a revamp as we noticed a local restaurant & eyebrow tinting bar with the same logo mark as ours (and also wanted to elevate our own look).

Just like our booking platform, our new logo is truly unique and we've paired it with a new website.

Check out our new website at

U Ks biggest stars

New horizons

Great Britain. The home of the English Premier League, Harry Potter, Gordon Ramsay, and the Royal Family.

These past few months, we've been busy setting up shop in London, training our local team, and enhancing our platform ready for launch!

Booking UK Stars on your time, from across the globe is now possible at Pickstar. Stars include Premier League star Kyle Walker, TV star Tanya Bardsley and boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Check out our UK stars here

Australias top chefs

New stars

We've added a whole range of new Stars in Australia and the United Kingdom - not only can you book the great achievers in sports, but we've also expanded into Actors, Celebrity Chefs, Reality TV, Radio Hosts, and many more.

You'll be able to use a combination of filters on our browse stars page to see who's available by new categories and countries.

With more than 2000 Stars to choose from and growing bigger by the day; they're all here at Pickstar.