Olympians should move quickly to secure commercial deals: Pickstar

Canoeist Jess Fox has topped the list of the 15 top trending Australian Olympians, according to Pickstar.

The data comes as the wave of interest for commercial activities peaks in the wake of the games.

Pickstar’s top 15 list – based on a calculation that incorporates performance at the games, social media growth, their personal brand / story and their marketability – ranked Jess Fox at the top of the list, followed by a strong selection of her fellow Olympians from the pool, track and across various other sports.


Former AFL player, founder and CEO of Pickstar, James Begley, said the next few weeks are crucial for the Olympians.

“The next fortnight and, to a lesser degree, the next month are absolutely make or break; unfortunately for Olympic talent, there’s less appetite as the Olympic buzz fades,” he said.

Australian Olympians have this week begun to be reunited with their loved ones after completing their two weeks of quarantine upon returning from Tokyo.

“There’s a natural fit for returning Olympic athletes and brands. They’re not hard talent to engage, many are medallists, they’ve got a great brand, they’re bubbly personalities,” Begley explained.

“We are seeing anything from six-figure deals that are multi-faceted in terms of their deliverables, down to smaller deals – for as little as $5,000 – where small brands connect with lesser-known Olympians but are just as valuable and just as meaningful.”

Australia’s national teams are well-positioned to continue to capture the hearts and minds of Australians and ride the wave of one of the most exciting Olympic Games on record.