Influencer Marketing Monitoring

When it comes to lucrative marketing strategies, it’s hard to go past influencer marketing. Along with a loyal fan base, social media influencers come equipped with content creation skills that smart brands can leverage to their advantage — when an influencer markets your product, you effectively gain the trust and attention of their adoring fans.

Yet, for an influencer marketing campaign to deliver results, it needs to be monitored. You’ve likely invested time and money into your campaign, so to increase the chances of a positive ROI, it should be tracked from end to end.

Tips for successful influencer marketing monitoring

Found your ideal influencer but confused about the ins and outs of influencer marketing monitoring? Fear not. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the most important aspects of influencer campaign monitoring. Let’s get started.

Identify your business goals and objectives

An important first step in influencer campaign monitoring is to clearly identify its primary goals and objectives. Put simply, monitoring your marketing campaign will revolve around its initial goals. What do you want to achieve through the campaign? Is it an increase in content engagement levels or perhaps an increase in brand exposure?

Whatever your goals and objectives, it’s imperative that you are clear on them. When monitoring the performance of your campaign, your goals will ultimately prove extremely helpful in determining if performance is up to speed or not. Further, setting specific, achievable and measurable campaign goals will help you attain the maximum level of precision in achieving them.

Monitor your KPIs

Once your goals and objectives are clearly in place, forming your campaign KPIs will be a straightforward task. KPIs can be tracked via social media analytics and campaign tracking tools. The KPIs to be monitored will ultimately depend on your campaign goals:

Enhancing engagement

If improving engagement levels is your objective, you need to monitor your likes, comments, DM’s, views, reactions, shares and retweets. The more interaction via these actions, the higher your level of engagement.

Increasing brand awareness

To measure brand awareness, monitor your reach and impressions. How many people saw your content, and how many times did they see it?

Increase revenue

If increasing sales is your ultimate goal, you must monitor your monthly revenues. Monitoring sales and revenue is a smart way to find out if your campaign is netting you a profit or not.

Improving follower growth

It’s important to monitor your follower growth across all social media platforms. An increase in your follower count is an indication that your influencer marketing campaign is performing well.

Engagements and conversions in social influencer marketing

Engagement rates are one of the most important factors in influencer marketing. This is because the ultimate aim of this marketing approach is to engage with the target audience. Therefore, you must keep checks on the content’s performance — likes, reactions, shares, and comments are all indicators of engagement rates.

Conversions are another vital metric for monitoring — everything from signups, downloads, email subscriptions and sales are indicators of conversions. Dedicated coupon codes, affiliate links and tracking tools are also effective for monitoring conversion rates.

Be flexible in your influencer campaigns

No doubt, working with a top social media influencer on your marketing campaign can provide your brand with an unparalleled level of exposure — a level of exposure that may have been otherwise quite out of reach. Yet, achieving a flawlessly planned, executed, and monitored campaign may take a little trial, effort, and error.

Therefore, there’s no need to be disheartened if your influencer monitoring efforts don’t work perfectly the first time around. Influencer marketing is the perfect exercise to gain the attention of your target audience, and working to optimise your monitoring efforts with the help of data and analytics is bound to reap lucrative benefits.

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