How top brands use Australian sports stars to grow their businesses

Brands have been partnering with celebrities forever, but in recent years more and more top businesses are teaming up with sports stars ahead of other high-profile personalities to help them achieve their goals.

That’s because sports stars bring with them a unique set of qualities that can be leveraged by brands. Sports stars embody many of the values that brands aspire to, including hard work, high performance, leadership, wellness, resilience, and a winning mindset.

Sports stars also bring with them a dedicated fan base and large social media followings, all of whom become potential customers for brands that can effectively align themselves with the right athlete.

There are literally thousands of examples of successful brand-athlete partnerships underway right now in Australia. Here’s just a few that stand out:

Dustin Martin and Bonds

Last year Bonds inked a new partnership with iconic AFL star Dustin Martin, launching a new street clothing collection. Bonds leveraged Martin’s enormous profile, asking the star to co-design the range of t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and beanies so they would appeal directly to his fan base and social media followers.

Sam Kerr and Nike

Last year Nike secured a partnership with Matildas captain Sam Kerr, anointing her as the face of Nike in Australia as they continue to push strongly into women’s sport and the women’s sports ware market. Kerr reportedly edged out four leading Australian male athletes to land the agreement.

Caroline Buchanan and Nutri-Grain

Nutri-Grain recently used Pickstar to secure a partnership with eight-time world champion BMX/MTB star Caroline Buchanan. After the Olympian suffered a horrific car crash and had to endure a long road to recovery, Nutri-Grain featured Caroline in their Unstoppable advertising campaign, honing in on her status as a strong female athlete and role model and her incredible resilience in the face of adversity.

Swisse and various athletes

As a supplement and wellness business, sports stars are a natural fit for Swisse. They have current partnerships with AFL star Patrick Dangerfield, cricket legend Ricky Ponting, and Australian tennis star Alex De Minaur, leveraging the fan bases of iconic athletes at different points in their careers to cover a range of demographics and target markets.

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