How long does a guest speaker talk for?

When it comes to guest speaking, time is money.

The question of timing is a common one we receive at Pickstar, and the answer is provided by answering some important questions of your own! These include:

  • What allotment of time do you have for the presentation?

  • What is the age group of the audience?

  • Do you want there to be interactive activities incorporated into the presentation?

  • Are you wanting to have a Q&A session at the end of the speech?

Each of these factors are massively important to both the smooth running of the event and success of the presentation, and must be clearly communicated with the speaker prior to the event.

From our experience, here’s a bit of guidance for how long a speaker should present for:

10-15 minutes

Perfect for a product launch or staff day. Short and sharp, get a clear, concise point across without taking up too much time.

It also works well for a guest speaker joining a team meeting - either virtually or in-person. They’re able to provide some quick insights and then employees can get straight into their day with them in mind.

15-30 minutes

This is still a relatively short speech, but gives the guest speaker a bit more time to delve into a topic or story, plus give some time for questions at the end. An ideal length for sporting clubs wanting athletes to come out and motivate their team.

30-45 minutes

Our experience tells us this is a good length of time for a school group. It’s typically around the length of a normal lesson and with a short Q&A added onto the end, it can be a good length for a guest speaker in this environment.

45-60 minutes

This seems to be the sweet spot for most organisations based on post-event feedback. It’s long enough to really get into some meaty topics for the guest speaker, but not so long that people start to fade with concentration.

60 minutes +

For a guest speaker, this is becoming quite a long engagement. While the differences between guest speakers and keynote speakers can be subtle, this length of speech is probably more suitable for a keynote speaker where they are addressing more technical, industry specific topics.

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