Top 15 guest speakers for International Women's Day

Celebrating the achievements of women

Women the world over are continuing to make their mark in the fight towards equality, and International Women’s Day serves as a symbolic celebration of how gender should no longer stand in the way of pursuing passions and realising dreams.

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Finding speakers for International Women's Day

At Pickstar, we’re lucky enough to work with inspiring women every day. From the biggest sporting arenas in the world, to country's leading news desks and beyond, our stars have a treasure trove of stories and experiences that will be sure to captivate any crowd.

So if you’re looking for the perfect guest speaker, keynote or MC for your International Women’s Day luncheon, event or occasion, here’s our top recommendations.

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Cate Campbell

From world-record holder to Olympic gold medallist, swimming superstar Cate Campbell can put many accomplishments next to her name. Yet despite the shiny sporting glory, she can attribute her true success to overcoming challenges outside of the pool such as cancer scares, body image issues and shame, all of which have bolstered Campbell's status as an Aussie hero.

Brooke boney

Brooke Boney

Since beginning her media career as a political reporter for NITV, Brooke Boney has ascended to become one of Australia's most beloved radio and TV personalities, succeeding the iconic Richard Wilkins as the entertainment reporter for Channel 9's 'Today'. A proud Gamilaroi woman, Boney stands as a beacon of inspiration for Indigenous youth around Australia, using her platform to advocate for social justice and promote Indigenous education.

Katrina Webb wins a medal

Katrina Webb

Despite only learning of her Cerebral Palsy at the age of 18 after winning a netball scholarship to the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport, three-time Paralympic gold medallist Katrina Webb never let her love for sport evaporate. Her Paralympic glory inspired Australian women of all ages and abilities, and her work as a disability advocate has highlighted the importance of respect and empowerment for Australians with disabilities.

Tracey Spicer Top10

Tracey Spicer

A Walkley Award winning journalist and inaugural national convenor of Women in Media, Tracey Spicer is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in Australia. Highlights of her outstanding career include writing, producing and presenting documentaries on women and girls in Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and India.


Sharni Layton

Sharni Layton is an inspiration to young female athletes everywhere through her decorated cross-code career, successfully transitioning from International and Super Netball to AFLW, and now working a popular media personality. As a determined and confident person, she is passionate about supporting women in sport, speaking out against sexism and joining campaigns that celebrate female empowerment.

Taryn Brumfitt

Taryn Brumfitt

As a leader in the positive body image movement, the director of the viral 2016 documentary 'Embrace' which screened in over 190 countries, and a three-time bestselling author, Taryn Brumfitt is changing the world. Taryn has become one of the faces of women's empowerment in the digital age, and continues to inspire millions world-wide.

Flex mami

Lillan "Flex Mami" Ahenkan

Ghanaian-Australian entrepreneur, CEO, DJ, TV presenter, podcaster and author Lillian "Flex Mami" Ahenkan truly wears all the hats. Her incredible resume is thanks in part to a combination of her insatiable work ethic and unrivalled charisma, making her one of the most influential and popular millennial women on the internet right now with a global and loyal following.

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Aimee Massie

Aimee Massie has conquered the world in her time as a professional skateboarder, and accumulated a whopping 1.9 million followers on TikTok for good measure. But a higher purpose of building women's confidence and self-worth in all sports, particularly those that have historically been governed by men, has helped her strive above and beyond the pinnacle of skateboarding.

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Sally Pearson

As an Olympic gold medallist, Sally Pearson is celebrated for her incredible accomplishments on the track. But like any of the world's best athletes, it came with an uphill battle of that required immense mental fortitude. Now, as one of the fastest female 100m hurdlers in history, she is also just as quickly fulfilling her ongoing role to support and inspire younger women in sport to overcome any challenge.

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Libby Trickett

As an Olympic champion and Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee, swimming golden girl Libby Trickett knows the dizzying peaks of professional sport. However, it was her brave and inspiring memoir 'Beneath the Surface' published in 2019 that shed light on the private mental health battles that were so neatly masked by her incredible accolades.

Chelsea roffey

Chelsea Roffey

A trailblazer in the male-dominated AFL world of the 2000s, Chelsea Roffey became the first woman to officiate an AFL Grand Final in 2012. A journalist by trade, Roffey speaks on themes of leadership, diversity & inclusion, equality and culture.

Rabia Siddique

Rabia Siddique

A retired British Army Officer, criminal and human rights lawyer, humanitarian, best-selling author, Iraqi war hostage survivor and international speaker, Rabia Siddique’s remarkable life and stories have taken her all over the world. She received a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service for her human rights work in Iraq, and numerous other awards for her human rights and community aid work in the Middle East, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Pottenger Blog

Chelsea Pottenger

After over a decade of being known as a high achiever with an insatiable work ethic, in 2015 Chelsea Pottenger’s world was flipped upside down by a difficult battle with postnatal depression. With determination, help and resilience, Chelsea was able to bounce back with a new purpose and passion about mental health awareness and education. She engages any audience, ensuring they walk away from her events with the tools required to be successful.

Nova Peris

Nova Peris OAM

Nova Peris is an inspiration to all women everywhere, but has had a particularly profound impact on the Female Aboriginal community. She was the first Indigenous woman to be elected to Federal Parliament, as well as the first Indigenous and Northern Territorian to win an Olympic Gold Medal. She has now started her own charity, the Nova Peris Foundation, empowering Aboriginal people to reach their fullest potentials.

Heidi Anderson Blog

Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson uses her platform as a much loved radio personality to empower women to feel confident in their bodies. Opening up about her struggles with mental health, she has created her own campaign, #ShedYourS***, encouraging women to embrace themselves and their bodies and hosting popular self-love workshops. Heidi makes everyone around her feel comfortable and proud of themselves through her down-to-earth and relatable personality.

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