5 Tips To Make Your AFL Grand Final Event Perfect

From Brisbane 2020 to Perth 2021. We are set for another 'big dance' to be played outside of Victoria.

In what is shaping up to be one of the most memorable AFL seasons to date, Grand Final preparations have begun nationwide. Asking all the major questions of Who? What? When? & How?

For many Australians, It once again means your AFL Grand Final event will be like no other.

We’ve got some tips to make your Grand Final event perfect.

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1. Sweeps drive engagement

We’ve all done office sweepstakes for the Melbourne Cup. 10 seconds into the race and your horse is running backward, you’ve lost interest.

The typical AFL Grand Final sweepstakes will include the winner/margin combination and Norm Smith Medallist (best on ground award). But there are so many additional sweeps you can create to mean your audience will stay engaged from first bounce to last - plus you can drive some great revenue.

A few additional ideas include:

  • First goal kicker
  • Last goal kicker
  • Most disposals
  • Fewest disposals
  • Leading goal kicker
  • Most disposals in a quarter
  • Most tackles

2. Get the best talent

The game itself is the showpiece of your event. But getting the right talent can make or break the build-up and the game itself.

Having a past legend or current player there to provide expert analysis, detailed insights on the game, and give their personal accounts gives your audience a special experience.

Consider a pre-game interview to preview the teams, the styles of play, key players, and how the players and teams approach a game like this. Then during the half-time break, you can have the talent analyse the game and provide expert insight.

There’ll be great AFL talent available in your area, whether it’s for a virtual appearance, guest speaking role, or as MC.

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3. Service timing is critical

The last thing anyone wants while a player is lining up for a crucial goal is their view being blocked by their food being served.

Make sure if your event includes sit-down food service, it’s done pre-game or at halftime. The half-time window is about 20 minutes, so it can be tight if you’re rushing the mains out.

Drill your service team on the importance of timing when they offer beverage service at tables. Having an eye on the game can mean the team can all move onto the floor after a goal has been kicked - just like the runners and water boys/girls do in the game itself!

4. Make sure the vision is perfect

You can see it now. David Mundy lining up for a goal in the 23rd minute of the final quarter to put Fremantle in front and possibly seal a fairytale Premiership.


For some reason, you’ve lost coverage. Maybe someone moved a cord. Maybe someone didn’t pay the Foxtel bill.

Whatever it is, make sure you’ve got someone on hand who can fix it. Test the screens and projectors several times before the event, have a backup plan, and be prepared.

5. Consider your start time

Here's what we know. This year's showpiece match is scheduled for September 25, which will allow for a pre-grand final bye.

With the kick off time still yet to be announced, It is worth familiarising yourself with the time zone switch to allow for elite preparations.

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)Queensland, New South Wales (except Broken Hill), Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital TerritoryBrisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, CanberraUTC+10:00
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)South Australia, Northern Territory and the town of Broken Hill in western New South WalesAdelaide, Darwin, Broken HillUTC+09:30
Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)Western AustraliaPerthUTC+08:00

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