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AFLW & Hockeyroo Olympian

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Currently residing in Perth, Georgie Parker grew up in South Australia as an avid football fan. However, with limited interest from other young girls in Georgie’s hometown, and little opportunity to play, Georgie Parker turned to field hockey. Having now played over 100 games as an international field hockey player, Georgie has represented Australia in a multitude of tournaments, including the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2016 Summer Olympics. She occasionally splits her time between Melbourne and Perth, Georgie prefers to call Perth home.  Though it's where her husband resides, being a dog lover, Perth is more importantly where her dog lives.

Georgie’s Career in Hockey and Football:

Georgie Parker began her career playing club hockey for the Adelaide Hockey Club, before emerging into state hockey in 2011 and later represented the Australian Hockeyroos internationally. 

Only six months after retiring from field hockey, Georgie Parker was offered a place on the Collingwood Magpies for AFLW. Despite having no experience in professional football, Georgie was determined to maximise her potential and tackle the challenge of competing in a new sport. 

After being offered a place in women’s football, Georgie Parker was more thrilled for the overall win for women’s sports, as interest and demand for female sport increases, encouraging young girls to stay in sports and pursue a professional career in, or on, the field. 

Having played hockey for twenty years, Georgie Parker has a number of achievements as an athlete, including winning silver at the 2013 World League, gold in the 2013 Oceania Cup, silver at the 2014 Hockey World Cup, gold at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, silver in the 2014 World Cup, and in 2016 joined the Olympic team in Rio, making her Olympic debut. 

After retiring, she made her AFLW debut in 2018. Georgie Parker played for the Collingwood Magpies until 2019. 

Love for Music:

Georgie was known as the Hockeyroos’s musician and jazz enthusiast, having developed an interest in music and learning to play the piano and trumpet whilst in school, as well as being part of the school choir. 

Georgie’s Lifelong Passion for Football: 

Her initial love for football during her childhood years finally transferred into a career in the sport in 2018. With appreciation for the physicality for the sport, Georgie is able to test her power, speed, agility, and aerobic capacity. 

Georgie has been a member of the Adelaide Crows Football Club since as young as three years old, regularly driving to the city to watch the team with family when they played at home. When Georgie started playing for the Magpies, she was thrilled to finally follow one of her greatest passions with more interest. 

Georgie’s Media Career: 

Having attained a double degree in Journalism and PR at Curtin University, Georgie is no stranger to the media world. With media experience on Channel 10, SEN Radio, Nova, The Age Newspaper, conducting multiple Q&A sessions at sportsman nights, schools and sporting clubs, presenting the Federation of Hockey Champions Trophy in London, as well as being a columnist for The Advertiser and The Messenger, Georgie is experienced in communicating with large and diverse audiences.

Inspiring Future Female Athletes:

As a female athlete, Georgie Parker has developed a passion for encouraging young girls and women to pursue their own passions for sport and to start viewing sport as a potential and realistic career path. 

Georgie has mentioned that seeing more women follow a career in a once male-dominated sport such as football has appeared as being a monumental shift in society. Georgie hopes for better treatment of female athletes across all sports in general, and to encourage girls to stay playing sports rather than abandoning it during teenage years as opportunities may not arise as frequently as for male athletes. 

As her stepbrother, Nathan Bock, also played in men’s AFL, Georgie observed first-hand the differences in culture and pay between male and female athletes. Georgie has highlighted the importance of a strong and supportive culture between teammates, which she was grateful to have experienced during her time as a Hockeyroos player. 

Georgie Parker Mental Health Advocate: 

In 2015, Georgie publicly discussed her struggle with mental health. Dealing with changes in behaviour and attentiveness during training due to an ongoing battle with depression. After struggling with an injury prior to the London Olympics in 2012 and not being able to recover in time to compete, Georgie reflected on the potential heartbreak that can arise from being a professional athlete, believing a number of athletes experience undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues. 

Georgie revealed she was seeing a psychologist regularly to deal with symptoms of depression, with hopes that more athletes will feel supported in acknowledging and treating struggles with mental health. 

Book Georgie:

With so much experience competing internationally at an Olympic level for field hockey and nationally for women’s football, Georgie Parker would be the perfect candidate to be booked as a brand ambassador, particularly for health, wellness and sport brands. Georgie is also a great option as a guest speaker, discussing her sports journey, advocating for positive action on mental health and encouraging young women to still consider sport as a potential career path. 

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The Year 7 & 8 girls really enjoyed Georgie’s talk and Q&A session for Good Mental Health Week. They found her story of persistence interesting and relatable. For our hockey and sports players, Georgie’s reassurance that it can take many try outs to actually make a team was an eye opener. The girls also felt that it was good to hear that even elite sports people struggle with their mental health and body image and praised Georgie for being so open about it. The teaching staff present were equally full of acclaim for Georgie and agreed with her suggestion that students be open and honest about how well they can balance their homework with sporting commitments. We feel very strongly about the future of girls in sport and Georgie’s talk will have encouraged more of our students to continue with their sporting ’journey’.
Westbourne Grammar School