Podcast: Tim Dansie on the psychology of elite athletes, improving mental performance

Tim Dansie is a leading psychologist who works with some of Australia’s top athletes and teams in cricket, AFL, basketball, soccer, Olympic sports, and more.

In a wide-ranging and engaging discussion, Tim talks about the unique psychological challenges that athletes face across a variety of sports including self-belief, anxiety, stress, homesickness, and more, and how to overcome the mental hurdles.

We chat about the evolution of psychology in sport and mental health concerns for elite athletes. Tim fears that the pressure of performance, media, and social media could take a tragic toll on our sports stars.

Tim also shares practical tips for anyone to improve their performance, whether they’re an amateur athlete or wanting to get better results at work.


Tim Dansie On The Psychology Of Elite Athletes, How To Improve Mental Performanc‪e‬

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Hosted by James Begley and Andrew Montesi.

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