Podcast: Robbie Cornthwaite on football, family and what really matters in life

Robbie Cornthwaite talks about humble beginnings, playing football in Asia, leadership, and facing tragedy.

Robbie Cornthwaite on football, family and what really matters in lif‪e‬

Throughout his professional football career, Robbie Cornthwaite experienced success, failure, and heartbreak.

Robbie was a household name in the A-League, a club legend with Adelaide United and former captain of Western Sydney Wanderers, he played in Asia for seven years, which few Australians have been able to do, and has represented his country at the highest level.

Throughout the journey, Robbie proved to be a resilient leader, dealing with setbacks, success, good and bad relationships with coaches, and tough environments at home and in Korea and Malaysia.

This, combined with his off-field challenges and experiences, has given Robbie a unique outlook on life, and what really matters. While playing overseas, he and his wife experienced the unthinkable - losing a child at birth.

In the midst of the devastation and grief, Robbie gained perspective and learned that ultimately - win, lose or draw - football is just a game.

Robbie shares his story, with insights on resilience, leadership, high performance, and the transition into life after sport.

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