Podcast: Netball star Caitlin Bassett on the toughest phone call she’s ever had to make

Australian Diamonds netball star Caitlin Bassett has moved from Perth to join the Sunshine Coast Lightning in Australia’s newly formed national netball league.


Netball Star Caitlin Bassett On The Toughest Phone Call She's Ever Had To Mak‪e‬

It was a big decision for a girl who was born and raised in Western Australia and became a household name at West Coast Fever, Caitlin says calling her coach to say she was leaving was one of the toughest conversations she’s ever had to have.

She hopes the new league and developments in the sport will be another step forward in the professionalism of netball, where even the top players, including Caitlin, are part-timers.

Caitlin says only the top few players in the country will earn six figures, which is remarkable given the participation and widespread interest in the sport.

Caitlin talks about the commercial opportunities, including the personal side of her campaign with Samsung, and much more. Listen via the links above or search for Off-Field on your favourite podcast player.

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