Podcast: Jeremy Paul on the Benefits of Bad Behaviour, Rugby Union’s Crisis

Former Wallabies star Jeremy Paul was has gained notoriety for his on-field exploits, late-night antics, and strong views on the future of Rugby Union.


Jeremy Paul on the benefits of bad behaviour, Rugby Union's crisi‪s‬

Fans of the sport will likely know that Jeremy isn’t one to hold back, and he certainly doesn’t in this interview.

On the field, Jeremy was a John Eales Medallist and Rugby World Cup winner with the Wallabies in 1999.

Off the field, by his own admission, he was a coach’s nightmare. He loved nothing more than getting on the beers with the boys and staying out late and shares many of these hilarious and controversial stories.

Jeremy has no regrets. He says this was more just than getting up to mischief, it was about maintaining balance and building the mateship required of highly successful teams.

Jeremy played in an era when the Wallabies were a big sporting brand and rugby union was a top tier sport. Now it’s anything but, and Jeremy delivers a brutal assessment on the state of the game.

He also shares his personal story, which began with a tough upbringing in New Zealand … and a stint working in an abattoir with his Dad, which would influence his future.

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