Podcast: Inside Kellogg’s sports partnerships strategy with Dan Bitti

Kellogg's has played a big role in Australian sport over the last few decades, first with Iron-Man, then AFLW, and most recently, hockey. Dan Bitti talks about the company's sports partnerships and marketing strategy.

Inside Kellogg's sports partnerships strategy with Dan Bitt‪i‬

In this episode, we’re going deep into sports partnerships, with Dan Bitti from Kellogg’s Australia.

You might recall back in episode 54 we heard from Dan, who featured on our live panel discussion at Mumbrella360, where we talked about sports stars and brands. I wanted to get him back to unpack some of his insights further

Over a 15-year marketing career, Dan has worked with some of the world’s greatest creators and innovators of brands. From Coca-Cola to Mars, Smirnoff to the Kellogg’s labels, he’s spent his career to date contributing to the legacy of global icons across a range of consumer goods categories, delivering distinctive communications, innovation, and brand partnerships.

In this interview, Dan talked through the evolution of Kellogg’s Australia’s sports partnership strategy in more detail. Kellogg’s has played a big role in Australian sport over the last few decades - there’s been the long-standing Nutri-Grain Ironman relationship through to AFW and most recently hockey, where Sultana Bran has taken on naming rights of the new Hockey One league.

Dan talks about the values-led approach to partnerships taken by Kellogg’s, and how that has played out in the context of the three different sports and their individual strategies.

He also talks about the benefits to brands who get in early with emerging sports and leagues, weighing up the commercial value of partnerships, the importance of talent, what the future looks like for brands in sport.

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