Podcast: How Ben Tripodi is bringing meaning to the mountains of athlete data

This sports tech startup is solving an important problem in athlete data, so much so they've been backed by a global IT company from day one.

How Ben Tripodi is bringing meaning to the mountains of athlete dat‪a‬

Just about every athlete and sporting club, from your average Sunday cyclist to the elite teams, is collecting performance data on some level.

But how do you make sense of it all? Particularly if you’re a sports scientist or coach with a team of athletes tracking training, game day, and wellbeing data every day. It is overwhelming, even for some of the world’s leading teams, who are surprisingly still pouring through spreadsheets and Excel formulas across multiple platforms to find their insights.

This is where Ben Tripodi and his company Lumin Sports Technology come in. Lumin builds applications to visualise athlete performance and help coaches and sports scientists make fast and accurate decisions to unlock team potential.

The Lumin journey is an unlikely and remarkable startup story. Just 18 months ago, leaders from global IT giant Dimension Data encouraged Ben to start his own sports tech company out of Adelaide, at the age of 24, promising to back him in and sign on as his first client. They were true to their word and would set the foundations for Lumin’s growth, which now counts Tour de France teams, global sporting bodies, US universities, and AFL clubs as its clients.

Ben talks about how it all started with a cold email to a cycling boss. We also discuss the challenges and opportunities in athlete data and why it is a huge and fast-growing market. As well as his own personal development, as a young founder and former athlete, through the process.

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