Podcast: Georgie Maynard on How Fans Connect Emotionally to Sport

Which leagues, teams, and sponsors are most connected with sports fans in Australia? On the Off-Field podcast, Georgie Maynard from True North Research reveals the results of her study.

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We continue our interview series from the 2019 Mumbrella Sports Marketing Summit, with Georgie Maynard from True North Research.

At the time of recording, True North had just released the Benchmark EC Report, with game-changing insights into the emotional connection of sports fans to Australia’s teams, leagues, and sponsors.

True North measured people’s connections to over 100 teams including 15 national sides, 12 leagues, and each of these properties’ sponsors.

This study is incredibly important because the emotional connection of fans to sport has a direct commercial impact on teams, leagues, and sponsors, influencing everything from membership sales through to major sponsorships.

We sat down with Georgie just after her keynote at the event, talking about how True North approached the study as well as the results - including the winners and losers - and you may find the results quite surprising. As well as many other learnings and insights.

You can also access the report here.

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