Podcast: Caroline Buchanan on world championships, athlete marketing and perspective

Action sports superstar Caroline Buchanan has had a wildly successful career on the bike but has achieved just as much off it.

Caroline Buchanan on world championships, athlete marketing and perspectiv‪e‬

Caroline Buchanan has eight world championships to her name - three in BMX and five in mountain biking. And while dominating two different sports on the global stage, she’s developed into one of the savviest athlete marketers around, creating social media content and building a personal brand that fans and businesses love.

Caroline is also passionate about empowering the next generation, launching a scholarship and mentoring program for women in BMX as well as authoring inspiring kids' books.

But with the highs, have been extraordinary lows. In 2003, when Caroline was just 13, she lost her family home in the Canberra bush fires and was left with not much more than her bikes. There have been countless serious injuries, including most recently a vehicle accident that almost killed her. Even now, 18 months later, Caroline is still rebuilding her body.

But what remains is extraordinary resilience, and more motivation than ever to achieve her goals.

Caroline shares her story and what she’s learned from the good and bad times, pioneering a multi-sport career, mentoring from surfing champion Layne Beachley, brand deals, high-performance habits, and much more.

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