The Bold Plan to Grow Women’s Soccer in Europe

UEFA has joined forces with brands, social influencers and local leagues to grow women's football.

Womens Soccer Europe

UEFA has launched its first marketing campaign for the women's game in Europe.

The campaign, ‘Together #WePlayStrong’, is a ‘social movement’ aiming to boost popularity and attract more advertisers to women’s football.

Additionally, it hopes to encourage more teenage girls to take up football from a young age.

The 90-second video shows the journey of girls playing in the streets to major stadiums.

It was broadcast for the first time during the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus in June 2017, which attracted more than 160 million viewers.

Watch the video below:

A social media campaign will also run throughout the year, with 55 national European football associations getting behind the movement. They will provide the campaign with five social media influencers, from up-and-coming female players to popular men’s players such as Eden Hazard.

Peter Willems, the Head of Marketing and Sponsorship at UEFA told Marketing Week that the key is to get brands on board.

“I’d like the women’s UEFA Champions League final to have as much buzz and sponsors as the men’s equivalent. We want to build long term partnerships with brands and there’s already lots of interest.”

The campaign is based on internal research which claims 80% of teenage girls exhibit more confident behaviour when playing football. UEFA’s main goal is to double the female football participation in Europe.

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